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greta is a joke
You are talking about a 16-year-old child. What the fuck is wrong with you?
what type of CSGO fan are you?
2 I'm half British half Norwegian so I follow rain, smooya, ALEX and jkaem
Prove to me that there is no God.
Take all the books in the world and all the knowledge humans have and start over. Which books will be re-written? The books based on proof and fact. Would religions still be formed? Yes. Would they be...
Your phone?
Honor 10
what posititon did u play?
Football - CDM CS:GO - IGL
Make best roster for your country
smooya dephh ALEX Thomas Surreal not bad considering where the British scene was a couple of years ago.
cigarette + coffee =
ah shit, I misread the original statement. Fair enough then.
cigarette + coffee =
No, but when you need to be in hospital for an extended period of time to treat the cancer you would be transferred to one of these 'cancer hospitals'.
Next major host ?
Cannot happen. Valve stated EU or NA only for timezones to work for an average viewer.
Humans have evolved to become the most intelligent species and on top of the food chain and therefore we use these advantages to help us farm and obtain lots of food. You wouldn't stop a cheetah from ...
Did you even read my comment. We have evolved to be omnivorous. It is the natural diet for humans. If you live in a HIC you are lucky enough to be able to choose either way but it is a choice. Don't s...
ESL reminder
It's not their fault they have a monopoly. They host the best tournaments. They bring in the most views. Other companies fail to compete because they are non competent enough to do so. If you are crit...
ESL reminder
Company X hosts all the best tournaments in the calendar consistently every year. Valve does not give them all the majors. Other companies also host tournaments throughout the calendar but not to the ...
I don't mind if you eat a Vegan diet. Good for you. However, do not shame people for eating in a way in which we have evolved to do. Humans have developed to become Omnivores. The best evidence is ou...
He's not saying that the major alone is what makes it an era. He's saying that if after winning a grand slam in 4 straight events and then winning the upcoming Major they will have an era as they will...