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Astralis vs Renegades
What a performance. Still, Astralis are the best nuke and inf team in the world. 2-1 AST most likely
What a joke of a team. I dont blame allu because he has a lot on his mind right now, has a child in this world, but where is the rest of the team that all the fans and analysts had hyped so much? I k...
3-0 / 0-3
And? They might go 3-0 here and I still got the pickem point.
Welp, fuck all yall that told me i should have ence un my pickems which convinved me to switch last minute. #FuckEnce #WAY2HARD4ENCE
Vitality vs Cloud9
outperforms two big stsrs in auti and kio as a rookie but he was the problem ok.
3-0 / 0-3
Well I did NaVi 3-0 and coL 0-3 because I wasnt even banking on navi making it out of groups so i put a random pick.there but now I actually want them to win vs Liquid because I need this 3-0 badly si...
Rip my.pickems
QQ switching
Well then that makes more sense because without that context any normal person would think you mean quick switching when theyre awping. Yeah its a bad habit for many, for me not as much. I rarely do ...
Liquid vs Natus Vincere
Do I cheer for Liquid for obvious reason, or do I cheer for NaVi to fix my already fucked pickem. I had them as my sleeper 3-0 pick.
QQ switching
"What do you think and why do you do so? /Discuss" I believe i am missing no point by doing what OP asked
QQ switching
well if you wanna shoot with awp but then move a bit, you want to unscope before moving. also sometimes you want to hold out the awp but are already scoped in and you dont wanna make the scope sound, ...
NRG vs compLexity
Surely NRG can at least get me one point here by sending coL 0-3, right?
ur username reason
Well I wanted to do something that had to do with my real name but I couldn't find too much, so I did f4rekt at first but that sounded cringy af so then I tried "Moody" but there was already a Cloud9 ...
HLTV alt-right
I never said it didn't come from the word "Negro" but to say that you can compare the actual word considering its historical context is ridiculous, dummy.
Best duos in csgo history
FallleN and fer over TACO and cold? nt