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I rate Ur life
DMG jkaem Male British - Half English/Half Welsh Pizza
About 10% of the population is white, and no racism, but they tend to be the most successful as they're richer.
Create your dream team
Dev1ce (5) -AWP Niko (5) -Lurk Gla1ve (5) -IGL Krimz (2) -Support Jkaem (2) -Rifle Vitality (1) - Debatably the of the best orgs in esports atm. Alot better than alot which are more expensive.
i guess your iq
United Kingdom Heroic DMG 1200 hours
There are alot of people who want a second referendum but it's unlikely going to happen since the two biggest parties (Conservative and Labour) aren't backing it. Unless Labour (the main opposition p...
New FaZe
olof still there. . .. . .?
New FaZe
Both incredible players, recently olof has taken a more supportive role in FaZe which is suiting him very well. If this team becomes a reality, ypu could expect s1mple, niko, olof AND coldzera to lurk...
your hobbies?
other than gaming, youtube, netflix etc; rugby, cinema with friends, watching boxing/ufc with friends
+1 there, most non-Brits don't understand Banter
absolutely not
only thing toxic is chrisj https://imgur.com/a/0GwrOVO
+niko +rubino
thats pretty much heroic 4 months ago with exception of k0nfig
18+ UK CS
"Why are UK players so angry and bad?" >Answers question "So the rest of world should coprehend your culture but you are to arrogant that you wouldnt actually consider that the world is actually bigge...
18+ UK CS
you wouldn't understand, you're not British. It's a cultural thing + most of the time it's sarcastic which foreigners don't seem to comprehend.