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Your cs secret
Faceit lvl 5, Supreme, nearly 2000hrs I only have 1 hand and I've come this far, ez.
there are 2 genders
No, that's always been his nickname.
Capitalists come
No problem, I enjoyed this debate. I learnt a few new things that can help me for future arguments. Not sure who won but we'll agree to disagree. Goodnight, we'll meet again my friend.
Capitalists come
You're right, I didn't quite think this point through. Same to you Pixel, won on this point.
Capitalists come
Paraphrasing is supposed to make things clearer, but I don't believe you said it any better then he did. Again the point I have disagreed with from the start is that "Capitalism and the pr...
Capitalists come
The one thing you say after posting the link to the clip is "Capitalism and the profit-motive are not responsible for our greatest technological innovations of the past 50 years.". And yet you say t...
Capitalists come
I'm sure some of them were funded by the government, but they were capitalist governments. I just don't understand how you can claim that capitalism hasn't been responsible for any great innovations. ...
Capitalists come
Maybe I was to aggressive in describing the podcast and the people who run it, I have commented on too many capitalism bad communism good posts already today so I'm a bit pissed off. My main point is...
Capitalists come
I listened to the clip of the podcast that you posted. To make the claim that capitalism is not responsible for any great innovations in the last year is completely wrong. You are claiming that taxpay...
Capitalists come
+1 thought he was baiting but turns out he is an idiot and believes everything someone says on a shitty podcast. To give one example of how he is wrong, the lithium-ion battery which this moron uses ...
I know, I responded because he said that a species that behaved in a natural way were the 'scumbags of the sea'.
Communism ensures technological advancement.
Do you have a response, I'd like to hear you're reasons for believing in communism, and I want you to argue the points I made. I don't want to win that easily :P