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Talk about the data & statistics, how many Hindus and how many Moeslims are there in India.
They're still Indian, or you don't consider them Indian? Whether it's Muslim Indian, Hindu Indian, Sikh Indian, Northern Indian, Southern Indian, they're still Indian, they contributed to your countr...
India don't forget to take 10 women as slaves from lower caste.
don't forget your drink, its pees.
kaze back to NA please
Big city like Bangalore, Chennai they do speak English. Southern India are more developed than Northern India. But If I had to compare with china or east asian countries, Indian are better.
kaze back to NA please
Used to play csgo in SEA server, most people speak basic English, and can communicate between teammates. Singaporean might be the most fluent English speaker, following Malaysian, Filipino, Bruneian, ...
kaze back to NA please
Disagree, most Indian speaks English fluently. English is also an official language in the country.
BnTeT overrated
Yes indeed, amanek and devoduvek were having hard time to understand English. It's the same as tyloo's situation, but that's not the point. You were saying they all speak Chinese, and xccurate unders...
BnTeT overrated
Bntet would speak Indonesian with xccurate when they were the only one who left in the game. Both doesn't speak mandarin fluently, they both barely knew mandarin.
BnTeT overrated
No, xccurate doesn't speak any mandarin. Chinese Indonesian don't really speak mandarin or any other Chinese dialects.
GIVE EU MORE SLOTS, OMEGALUL 1 slot for EU is enough
It's the other way around. I lived in Indonesia for 6 years, never seen one of my Indonesian friends/coworkers marry their relatives, because they know it would be hard for them to have child.
Renegades vs TYLOO
This is joking, won against renegades perfectly 2-0. Lost to a fuckin nonamers. What a joke.
Tyloo Problem Discuss
Kick mo, biggest burden in a team. He's too old, the management should consider a young talented player.