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144 or 240hz??
From 60hz to 144 the difference is far greater than from 144 to 240.
Twistzz kicked ?
Ok bud I see the type of discussions you like to have. Have a good day.
Twistzz kicked ?
A draw against a team with a coach and a win vs faze where the only reason they won was because tim popped off. Although I agree, the team was fairly new at the time. IMO Cloud9 management should just...
Twistzz kicked ?
C9 has less than 19% win rate in the last 3 months. If that's not an indicator of something I don't know what is.
reddit idiots lmao
I've seen the post that you are talking about and not one comment said it was the worst major ever.
“Khabib Is Boring To Watch”
The same people who cry out that astralis is boring are the same that make new posts that call events boring because their team was eliminated early or it was underdogs in the finals. Not everyone, su...
Thorin and BR
I mean, calling another person mentally ill then mocking the amazon fires that is something than can affect the whole world...
Thorin and BR
I'm Portuguese and I can say, most of our fans are unbearable too. Not all, but a great part is.
EU why so toxic
It goes both ways really.
ape screams
Do you read books?
duplicated message
Do you read books?
There are some nice sites where you can buy used books in new condition. Those vintage covers look nice, I just don't know if his latest book, Killing Commendatore, has that version yet. I absolutely...
Do you read books?
If you like Murakami as a writer you should try his trilogy 1Q84. That right there for me is his magnum opus.
E-Sports is not a sport
The literal meaning of sports is that it has to involve physical exertion. And from my understanding billiard is considered a cue sport and chess is a board game. No matter how many people consider th...
Atheist Explaining Fairy Tale
Humankind has always been afraid of the unknown. We fear what we do not understand. So, imo, that's why we created the whole salvation thing and heaven. It gives us ( at least some) a means to cope wi...