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rewind 2017 vs 2018 2012-2016 still better than both of 17 and 18.. IMO
Best M9?
Karambit lore
csgo battle royale
hope so, cuz I like it too
csgo battle royale
18 player is too hard for their servers already and you want more people. They gonna do 32 tickrate to keep their servers alive with more ppl :D
the ugliest language
That was shamefull genocide. How you can call that victory, when ussr's government let 26,6 million of people die?
the ugliest language
Why you think, I'm mad? I shouldn't be mad because of poop on the road, so why am I should be mad because of you?
the ugliest language
USSR's death count checked out. Oopsie. That is not actually victory
the ugliest language
'cuz russians love only themselves.
-flamie +AdreN
Na'mbit team? Naaah..
-flamie +AdreN
then make Na'Vi, team from Uganda, great again.
dev1ce > s1mple
Little bit strange to read that from russian lul
Russian sympathizers come here :3
pooRussia is not about money, dude. I'm about stupidness of most of russians. Poor and happy people, who truly think that Russia is great and moving in right way
Russian sympathizers come here :3
My face, when russian say about propaganda from ukrainian
Russian sympathizers come here :3
your country isn't far away from Germany, so what? Same about Poland, Austria or Slovakia. So what? That is pooRussia is close to us saying nothing.
Natus Vincere vs NiP
cuz Asstralis lose against Na'Vi? :D