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eZ bait, I totally know you would write this. Sad, really sad.
Can you just delete yourself? No one needs people like you, who stir up hate.
I hate close minded people don't respect the diversity on our world. I don't get what your damn problem is dude?
NRG vs Renegades
Online Yes, but there is a reason they almost play no offline tournaments :D
NRG vs Renegades
NRG pure onliners. Offline they suck af.
Space Soldiers vs mousesports
Seems so, I just said what every old heart CS:GO Fan/Player is thinking. The Swiss System is not made for Majors. Majors should crown the best teams in the world. Teams taking part of a Mojor should b...
Space Soldiers vs mousesports
And another Bo1 Team make it to the Major. Majors lost their prestige and seriousity with the Swiss System. Teams like Gambit, Vega, Space Soldiers, 100Thieves are not that good. Years ago they would ...
Where is Nip ??
NiP is not really a Bo1 Team in my opinion and they are one of the big losers of the Swiss system. The Swiss system sounds nice in the first place but it's Bo1 and the Upset potential is huge. Swiss...
HS or ropz?
For now its ropz, but I think HS is also an uprising talent. Both can become big names in CSGO.
PROOF that USA are braindead...
I don't know if this is the right site for this. But quiet an amount of Americans don't believe gun laws will change something. There are some cities with strict gun laws but that's not working becau...
NRG vs Misfits
NRG will fight to get their 0-15 matches in EPL finals :D
NiP vs FaZe
NiP v FaZe NiP will lose first ma and then win the next three in a dominant fashion And in the end NiP succeeded in defending the title
TyLoo vs HellRaisers
HR is playing Tier1 in Europe. Tyloo is playing low Asian teams so you can't compare the stats at all. HR should win this if BnTeT is not carrying his crappy team again like he did in the Asian Minor.