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m1x who?
bc no way to prepare a team no one knows.
M1X needs an org ASAP
Gosh, as fast the rised, they'll fall. tbh they have more luck than acutally being good for Top Level CS:GO. Also there is almost no prep for teaaams bc they don't play anything else. absolutly overra...
[+18] Turks cutting off Kurds heads
Sad thing is, that a lot of turks in germany celebrating this shit. If they celebraaate it, they can go there and just die senseless. Going to Germany to have an easy life and celebrating dictatorship...
Dang it, forgot to laugh
Polish election polls
I mean economy is not everything, but populist know how to install "great" ideas to keep the workers still and "happy"
Polish election polls
Say what. lol so youth likes to f*ck theirselfs?
for Germany it's BILD Zeitung - it's like Donald Trumps wet dreams
Renegades fix
Sico is a Bot, might be enough for OC, but not for NA or EU
Polish election polls
But especiaally these generations should know, what a right winged gouverment is able to do. I really don't get it, but it's like everywhere old people destroying the future with their back minded opi...
Polish election polls
So people in poland demonstrate against gouverment, but they'll still get like 50% votes?
pita read this
Bring back Threat, pita is just wasting talenting players.
-mirage +cbble -old cache +new cache
Vertigo even worse than the current cobblestone
-mirage +cbble -old cache +new cache
Vertigo over Mirage LUL
Wasted talents
He's toxic, multiple former teammates left teams bc of him. You can be toxic if you'Re as good as NiKo or s1mple
Bayern Munich
Die Borussia ist mir 100x sympathischer als der FCB. Aber nein, bin kein Borussia Fan.