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That's what happens when you let in uncivilized 3rd world individuals in to a modern western society; sooner or later you become it. Only way to stop this is do mass repatriation of illegal, unwarrant...
sexual position +18
This is what peak degeneracy looks like. HLTV forum is assembled around dissoluteness, unscrupulous and filthy people A total shithole.
Is my female coworker into me?
A large majority of registered users that frequently uses the hltv's forum platform has real life problems that they engrossed themselves with, they're nothing but nuisances. I will never in my life b...
How many hours sleep u get
Totally circumstantial. Yesterday, I got 4 hours sleep. But, today it can greatly differ from that. Maybe, I sleep 7-9 hours today. We'll see.
Sweden: The Truth
Sweden is the safe haven for criminals, especially child rapists. This is why sweden attract so much attention from third world countries ever since they welcomed them with open arms a few years back....
r8 the girl i'm talking with
The people who are frequent users of the forum are primarily imbecilic incels.
Work, eat & sleep
Just get a better job 4Head. Easy solution.
swedish people
How about you prostitute yourself instead? Fucking incoherent man wh*re.
Sweden are adapting to the syria, iraq, somalia, basically all low-rated illiteracy countries and introducing them with jobs that aren't up to the normal standard. And hearing gun shots? well, it's s...
Taken from Incel wikipedia; Discussions in incel forums are often characterized by resentment, misanthropy,[1] self-pity,[7] self-loathing,[8] misogyny,[9] racism,[9] a sense of entitlement to sex, an...
I don't "characterize" non-promiscious people as someone who shares the same values as me in relation to values and belief regarding relationships. However, my mistake for not realizing I never added...
Incels are an unique group of disturbed, imbecilic people. They say how they're oppressed by women in general but they're too cretin to comprehend that it's also inequality in all variations of hierar...
Tinder (Pickup lines)
Tinder is only used by degenerates. It's incontrovertible.
Poor gypsies :(. But I overheard that the sweden's government will greet them with open arms and provide them with roof over their heads.
You mean you have no sluts* problem As a matter of fact, there's no difference between a slut and a promiscuous man. So might aswell call yourself a slut from now on. You wouldn't have any problems w...