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Brazil last dance
Apex in top 3 team for 2.5 years, something 0 (zero) brazilian team as achieved in that time
Brazil last dance
What is that supposed to mean lol, i'm telling you a "last dance" in France with washed players isn't possible because nobody would care and give them money
Brazil last dance
It's because their is 0 interest for csgo in france compared to brazil, everyone watchs LoL here
Brazil last dance
I was shitting on Dignitas even more when they announced it lol
Brazil last dance
So you are happy that you scene will spend all his money on washed up players rather than young and hungry players? You could fuel 10 academy teams with the salary of those guys
Brazil last dance
I don't see how tarnishing their legacy will be hype lol, look at Dignitas it's just sad this old guys desperately holding on to paychecks, at least Get right had the decency to retire
f0rest and friberg commit to Dignitas for 2022*
Why tho, the team is trash
Last Dance goes official
FNX IN 2022 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Fer and Fallen are legends but that's a shit team
m0nesy in g2 pracc
Just look at the amount of pressure the fans/analysts/experts/players put on him, it's ridiculous
m0nesy in g2 pracc
So much overhyping going on, can't wait for the brutal come back to earth for G2 fans
NBK Igl has work 0 (zero) times
Thorin's top10 players 2021
Mouz Fix
Mouz fix: Disband
G2 rebranding?
They just farming engagement on social media so they can call themselves the most followed esport brand in the world
If dexter isn't calling he is just dead weight