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SK vs eUnited
More like 0-16 Just look at what happened with Renegades
Cloud9 no major
That moment when astralis has the same amount of major wins as NA
FaZe 0 events won in 2018 laugh thread
Does this mean Astralis > Faze and Sk?
How Germany could have won WW2
This If Nazi Germany kept up relations with the USSR, and possibly allied, Europe would stand no chance at all. Its would be a stalemate as neither the US could invade them and vice versa
kNgV brazilian s1mple
Agreed, plus he destroyed 3 teams already, hes on his way to becoming simple
Why SK is so bad now?
Really other than Astralis, Navi, fnatic, and maybe Mouz, all other teams are fucking shit right now
If you decide to do it, dont go for Bitcoin, look into Monero, its much better to mine that with a GPU, whereas bitcoin is infinitely more profitable to use a dedicated card
In theory yes, but look at dedicated mining cards, some are really cheap and they work far better
Bad idea, any setup less then 5k isnt worth mining, you spend more on electricity than you get back
End of Coldzera
Honestly cant imagine who else, maybe olof, but other than that you got people like cold who were unknown until 2016, and people like get right who havent been relevant since 2016
End of Coldzera
Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about, he gets more impact frags than eco frags. Him and Xyp could 2v5 clutch and i wouldnt be surprised, he ia extrememly impactful
Danish superteam?
But he also lurks with the awp occasionally ands its hilarious because it works
Danish superteam?
I mightve mixed it up, i know he wanted entry or lurk cause thats what he did befofe, but forget which
Danish superteam?
Id say magisk is filling that role perfectly. I was telling people back when kjearbye was a thing, that astralis needs more firepower and they are golden, literally now. They have an insane igl, amazi...
Danish superteam?
Look at magisk play, hes destroying t1 teams, konfig is barely doing anything in esl