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Your national hero?
+1 for the respect
sad guitar solo :(
idk man he has like 300+ albums there are metric fucktonnes of songs that people, even I, don't know, and some are crazy good
sad guitar solo :(
Listen to Buckethead - Soothsayer, one of the best solos I ever heard...
formula 1
Still watch it, even though the results are very predictable and most of the races are boring... I'm a really big supporter of Charles Leclerc, I think he has great potential to become a champion in t...
So sad... He was so young as well, only 47, awesome voice. RIP
Astralis era...Has it started now?
Actually, it's kinda true, all the other teams were making roster changes or just decaying and stuff, like Liquid, Faze, MIBR and Navi, there was just no competition. The fact is that Astralis "grew" ...
Why is astralis boring?
Not really, I think they have some real flaws in some maps like overpass and train, also I think it's only a matter of time until all other teams can fully copy and counter-attack all of Astralis stra...
Why is astralis boring?
Indeed, maybe in the next tournament the other teams can stabilize their rosters and put up a better fight, for example, this was Liquid's first tournament with Stew and MIBR's first with Taco and Fel...
Why is astralis boring?
Flag checks out. Also, it doesn't matter if it's "beautiful", it's still boring... The real final was yesterday against MIBR, this is merely a formality...
2000s punk/rock/stuff like that
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DN5H4UbP6Q This literally screams 90s and skate parks, and it's one of my favorite songs
Coldzera Jump shot overrated
why bra71l always saying "kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"
You truly are a special brand of stupid, aren't you?
Favorite DJ
I'm not sure he is qualified as a DJ, but Deadmau5 is probably the greatest producer of the last 20 years :)
windows being a a c*nt
Finally, someone that knows Mr. Robot (+1)
NBA Fans (Predict)
Finally, someone else that is cheering for the Raptors! It's been 86 years since I've seen someone (not Canadian) that is a supporter, thanks friendo :)