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fnatic vs Grayhound
hahahahah fnatic losing 3v2 postplant LOL if krimz is dead this team is dea everyone else is a fucking bot
fnatic vs Grayhound
haha fnatic vs eco playing like scaredy ats shitting their pants and then just afk for ez eco to grayhound nice
ENCE vs Renegades
jks is fully blind in a wth nocover just swings with deagle and two bots on ence dead lol bullshit game
ENCE vs Renegades
RENEGADES from AUGstralia nuke gods
ENCE vs Renegades
Wtf is ENCE doing why cant they go lower ust going upper all the time wasting time outside with no map control and then rush into a 5man stack in upper wtf this braindead shit game
Chiefs vs Tainted Minds
ez over throw get reset every round perfectly zewsy botfragger gets ez entries onto texta and infrequent lOL
Chiefs vs Tainted Minds
Nice choke Chiefs 4v1 die to USTILO awp and that sole awp you lose to a force nice over throw great
Chiefs vs Tainted Minds
AU CS 5v2 with time to plant lose round to bot ofnu LMFAO what a throw lose to force with one awp and lose game idiots Chiefs
Cloud9 vs TYLOO
Tyloo just rush everywhere boys we winnning duels this is our day just go yolo bois keep pushing with W jump across with ump's and get kills but 9 are pretty retarded to watch for pushes so they are g...
G2 vs Vega Squadron
The round where jR gets three kills with awp from car kennyASS in a main just afk and at the end goes and shits himslef at door lol retarded frenchies
fnatic vs ViCi
Fnatic most retarded team in a 4v2 lets just go run with bomb instead of planting lose 4v2 to one awp m4 with whole B site taken braindead swedish faggots
AVANGAR vs North
Avangar lost like three rounds just because they decide to plant in the open and not get bomb planted instead just wait for CT's to kill someone
AVANGAR vs North
Krizzen and q1kert afk lol wtf
Natus Vincere vs Heroic
One flamie peek to lose game LOL
Natus Vincere vs Heroic
1v3 pistol lost and TILTUS VINCERE LOL