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nip knocked out epl?
yeah why do you think i asked and devils lost to heroic and heroic lost to nip it goes in a full circle so shouldnt rd come into play
nip knocked out epl?
youre not answering my question so just leave fam you cant do any better at igl
if ence win this tourny ence top 2 not a fluke they got unlucky at sao paulo they drew with liquid and didny play final because of rd which is unfortunate and just shows our "bad " the format is and s...
Astralis salary?
only 3 people in the current line up have equity in the team g1ave and magisk dont so if you go by that then the core 3 make more than g1ave and magisk unless the core 3 decided to share it equally wi...
Give me your FaZe fixes #2
niko guardian rain pronax flusha/olof/adren/kio/taco/n0thing im a bit lost on rain even tho im a fan of his i feel like without karrigan or a leader who lets him play pure entry hes useless
Major flukes
ence new c9 confirmed
underrated/overrated players
you could say the same with coldzera people are calling him overrated when he really cant be rated rn hes got a bright future and if his veins run with ice still m8 you got yourself a solid finnish xy...
Major flukes
ence and c9 werent flukes they showed that they deserved it
underrated/overrated players
im sorry dawg but xseven is not underrated hes just there
I'll guess your CS:GO hours
Age: 17 Year Started playing CS:GO: 2011/12 closed beta MM Rank: all time smfc current unranked ESEA/FaceIT rank: lvl 10/fp-c a- Best CS:GO Team of all time : fnatic with pronax 2014/15 2018/19...
Norway Superteam
lol bruh hes not that good of an igl imo but he can zeves is one of the best igl in norway rn and only really norway has good talent but a norwegian team thats relevant wont happen anytime soon the sc...
Norway Superteam
ratification is an igl
hell ya it was for an allu and rain fanboy myself my pick ems went great astralis winning ence finals faze fucking up liquid fucking up renegades 3-0 nrg 0-3 greyhound 0-3 m8 im the happiest fucker al...
in another timeline meme team wins
props to both teams ence has alot of potential and astralis truly a great team 3 majors hands down best team in the world close to the fnatic era astralis need to dominate this year to over take fnati...