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[18+] Beer
Alcohol in Arabian countries could be found in perfumes only. lul
church in Turkey
sounds like the voice code for detonating bombs
church in Turkey
nt Abdullah
Liquid vs mousesports
Omg stupid positioning after bomb plant. Noob
G2 vs mousesports
Styko is a beast in this game
Black panther racist ?
Black Panther is a piece of sh*t. I like the setting and the plot is finally kinda different than usual marvel stupid stories. But the actors were in my opinion horrible, the only good actors are thos...
Quarter Predicts
FaZe vs Cloud9
Best fooball(soccer) player of your country?
I know, I am not a big fan of that video too, but it is the only one that I found on youtube. Regarding the flag, both countries chose the pan-slavic colors, those are blue,red and white. You can obse...
AVANGAR vs mousesports
+1, hltv commenting kids are braindead to understand it
top 10 skinniest pro players - He is
Best fooball(soccer) player of your country?
Go to Central Europe, ask them and you will see. There is certainly something wrong with you and your cheap baits towards Europe
sry I am heterosexual, we in Central Europe do not tolerate that much when men have sex with men like you Americans so there is bigger chance that your asshole is gonna be opened tonight. But again, I...
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Slovenian flag, fan of Slovakia. Very confusing...