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BIG vs G2
smooya also to blame dips on his team before a major and forces them to bring in an injured player to play just ride it out until after katowice then make your decision
Russia come here
everyone had a strong army back in the day
stop hating RLewis
He's sound and a good entertainer but it's clear he just won't stand for shit anymore because he knows there's 0 real consequence for telling everyone to shut the fuck up. He generally means what he s...
top 3 players from the top 5 cs countries
he isn't a good player tho good leader but shit individual player
Syman vs 5balls
ez matchup for syman
Second Major 2019?
Starladder either in Kiev or another big CIS city like Moscow
gfuel question
Good taste right here
Gambit vs Syman
Always knew the boys could do it EZ4Syman Top 8 incoming
I didn't meet any at all in hundreds of hours on my prime account The moment I got a new smurf and was unable to use prime I ended up meeting multiple cheaters every day
choose to be 1 cs pro
And being the GOAT as a tradeoff
Exactly Without gla1ve and the rest of the team there is no argument for device to even be top 1
I live in Pyongyang AMA
He looked shit because he had to IGL half the time and his team had fuck all structure to support his fragging
Who is 20th?
Not necessarily, last year AdreN was only 17
Overwatch League?
They're forcing it way too early and in doing so killed the scene that was already growing and scared a bunch of esports orgs out. The league is pretty entertaining but it was way better for the shor...