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nt forsaken
Swole Patrol vs TeamOne
Wow didnt know that, he seemed okay in fpl...
Swole Patrol vs TeamOne
+1 T1’s success means OGC also succeeded... ;(
Swole Patrol vs TeamOne
Show evidence please
Rogue vs TeamOne
Thats what I was wondering, they aren't aware about it sadly... Silent told them they play the next game on Friday.
I know but still... He is an OG "youtuber" ; he left everything to do what he loves when it wasn't even considered a "job" and there was like no money in it... That's why I respect him alot, he will a...
+1 They would deserve the hate if they were doing something like that auto sub thing (that thing which people are accusing them of, when someone makes an account it automatically subs to t-series, whi...
c9 why
C9 makes me hurt
I understand your pain bro... ;( But, we have to remain calm and believe...
VALENS bipolar
He didn't use any scoped weapon vs mibr and navi though...
Sometimes its harder to play against teams like that. They beat Mibr and almost beat NaVi playing like that... So, I cant really blame Mousesports...
Astralis vs MIBR
MIBR vs Renegades
Naa I would have to differ on that... hltv is full of baiters while reddit has atleast some decent people...
Astralis 27-0
I would say they are having an era. Definitely not the level of domicance which nip used to have but it is still an era.
MIBR vs Renegades
I think it’s about time that you understand people on here are extreme baiters and some retards... Don’t take these kids seriously.