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FaZe vs Gambit
ez @2.7 map2 Gambit, ty
NIP vs Astralis
es3tag overrated bot, how teams can pay for him? won nothing in any team he played before, kd <1, just why? LNZ, that gave much more moments to this team was kicked. I guess, he is in NiP just because...
MOUZ vs Vitality
Vitalulity will throw against mouz kekw
NIP vs Astralis
U must change the name, so cringe
forget it, this is a default. bettors are blind, and they see the score from gotv, and thinking that 3/4-0 must be 95% success, any micro turns goes into butt burning, however, they dont remember a si...
Gambit 2017 vs BEBRA
keeekw flamie never gets a team ahah, even buster has a more chances
Movistar Riders vs GODSENT
When u playing good, and ur friend ask u to play with him, but u know he is bot, and u cant refuse. Taco is that friend. Pls, kick him, cant watch how bad he is, since he was in liquid
Movistar Riders vs GODSENT
TACO will be bot forever, he should retire, or what are he waiting for?
Movistar Riders vs GODSENT
4-0 -> 5-10
Movistar Riders vs GODSENT
there are no reasons to play seriously if ure fixing every game, and doesnt matter what result u will show. think about it!
Movistar Riders vs GODSENT
Can godsent wake up at all? Will play at 9am. Guess, not
MAD Lions vs Extra Salt
MAD Lions vs Extra Salt
i fcking hate u bot woro2k, overrated sh*t
Vitality vs Astralis
Vitality picked Dust2, wtf?
Sprout vs Endpoint
Lost against deagles kkkk gg, really this is endpoint