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Kick one player from your team
- Karrigan + Hampus
MIBR - FAZE topic?
Although I'm Faze fan I laughed about that
Stewie2k and Tarik
I saw the real Mibr playing Players like Gaules, Nak, bit, Btt and Cogu. They made the mistake bringing BSL to make up the team. The same mistake they're making now, trying to form an international sq...
Stewie2k and Tarik
The date I created this account doesn't mean anything buddy. I keep up with this game much longer than you can imagine ;)
Stewie2k and Tarik
No Inferno, no great performance from Stewie. Stew = One map only player Everyone knows it
NiP vs Red Reserve
Ez 4 RR
Neymar Game
Fuck... When I was getting the hang of it CR7 got in the way
They played much better than one map only player Stew2K. Made some silly mistakes on Mirage but Fallen could easily correct them.
Why Mibr is forming an international squad when they can have good names like these guys from LG? They might as well bring them to make up the team and keep speaking Portuguese.
i miss her
Sure. That works for gay people as well ;)
i miss her
Go to a bar and drink a lot. Best way to drown your sorrows.
FaZe CLAN Fifth player
1. Krimz 2. NAF 3. Valde
how to learn portuguese
Get some hints from this guy:
coldzera & Liquid
Send him to Faze then. It would be a nice pick.
FAZE ???
800K to buy him out is too much though. I'd rather Krimz over NBK or even Valde. Xyp would be a dream but he would never leave Astralis, unless for a bunch of money.