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Future of ScreaM
karrigan ?
FaZe 5th
Exactly the same players I think for Faze. I would add NAF as well. +Valde would be insane.
FaZe loses ESL BH
Easy dude. 1. They will kick Olof winning or not 2. Forget about s1mple. Read this:
Relax dude. As soon as Faze pick a permanent player they will wreck Astralis again as usual ;)
Made some silly mistakes, like leaving the balcony and staying beside Rain on A site of Inferno.
-rain WHEN ???????????????????
Why put the blame on him when the whole team had a poor performance?
saddest movie endings
when he steps back in time to say goodbye to his father is sadder than the ending tbh
Brazil come
Why are you guys so excited about Mibr? This org had great results in the past but now it's only current SK roster (that have been playing like shit) moving to Mibr.
How i get girlfriend ? :(
Get a job, buy a car and treat her like a bitch
horvy wont be playing with Faze
Bad player of course. I don't really care about the nationality of the players. As a supporter I just wanna see the best players on team. No need this victimism.
horvy wont be playing with Faze
Thanks Lord 😥😥😥😥
FaZe fans COME!!!!
Actually I understand that everyone may have some kind of issue in their lives and I'm not putting the blame on Olof. I just don't agree with Faze's position. They've had bad results due to playing wi...
FaZe fans COME!!!!
I'm done with this guy. I hope Faze get rid of him and bring a player (Valde) that the team can really count on.
Faze -olof
Valde or K0nfig