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do genetics matter?
Genetic most certainly matter. That's not to say that you can't grind and become a really good player. That being said reaction time hand eye coordination ect also matter a lot.
s1mple VAC ban
It does relate though. Valve looks into, makes sure that what he is saying checks out, and if it does lets it slide. If he was legitimately playing on the account that's a completely different can of ...
No SLAVS come help pls
This is interesting. I can speak english of course and decent to mediocre spanish but that's it. What in your opinion defines it as an ugly language? Sentence structure? Specific words and the meaning...
s1mple VAC ban
Definitely. The scene is already on the decline. This would only speed it up which I seriously doubt is something that valve wants. They should look into it and if his excuse checks out let it slide a...
s1mple VAC ban
+1 This is the correct statement. Valve most definitely won't ban him, but it would be fair and unbiased. As much as it would hurt the pro cs scene to lose the insane amount of fans that only care ab...
Liquid Fallen
How about instead of doing that I point to the fact that mibr had zero success with him as igl. Why would I need specifics when it is obvious from the results. Maybe stop thinking with your emotions f...
Map pool changes
-mirage -vertigo +old cache +old season
He isn't even right. A ton of teachers earn a good living in the US. My dad pulls in 85k a year which isn't amazing or anything but it's a comfortable salary as a community college professor. The tea...
The only real sport worth watching is mma, but even it is trash these days.
They definitely don't. My dad is a college professor, and he almost always works year round. He does a light schedule in summer, but they most definitely don't need 3 months off a year.
my brother told me s0mple is best csgo player
Say cyka blyat and tell him that you cannot in good conscious be his brother anymore. Little kids and their recency bias ruin hltv.