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most pain you've ever been in?
Yeah I did. Liquid morphine every 20 minutes unless I am remembering the time wrong. Did you?
most pain you've ever been in?
Yeah man it was insane.
most pain you've ever been in?
I was a passenger in a car accident when I was 14 years old and crushed 4 vertebrae in my spine, punctured and collapsed one lung and bruised the other, brain hemorrhaging in 3 spots, and a broken col...
swedish girls are very hot
Even though this chick has fucked up teeth she is still pretty hot.
Countries by tier
Switzerland tier 1 everything else tier 5
Countries by tier
csgo cant die
I can't see it dying but I can see the player base dropping if Valve can't get the cheaters under control. The issue that I see is that if you are new and aren't strictly playing casual then you have ...
WHORE with MASSIVE TITS try's to get out jail
This is a great stream. Ty
CSGO is dying
They infest lower ranks as well. My main is a dmg and my lowest smurf is a nova 2. It doesn't matter what account I play on and it doesn't matter if it's prime or trustfactor. I get cheaters almost ev...
Niko calling JW a pig. FaceIt ban?
+1 When people are so stupid that they think Brazilian is a race.
Zowie EC2-A vs Steelseries Rival
I have a Deathadder and while I know nothing about sensors I really like it. It's comfortable and seems to snap well.
If Koreans embrace CSGO
New President of Russia
Nicest Pro
Anyone who would afk 7.5k hours to boost their hours which serves no purpose is a retard. It's a complete waste of time m8