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Liquid fix
Hell no. If they add Tarik Fallen will get kicked a couple months down the road so that Botislaw can join and then the two biggest snakes in cs will ruin NA's last semi decent team.
Biggest team ruiner
Or Tarik. Since they are butt buddies and always destroy teams together.
I like junior but he definitely needs to go. I get the feeling that it's a communication problem mixed with them forcing him into a style that doesn't fit him. They took an extremely aggressive awper ...
Map pool change's effect for you and me
I miss the days when you could queue up any map that you wanted. Scrimmage either a shouldn't exist or b should be optional. Why add maps and then not let people play competitive. Gone are the days of...
Junior has to go. Communication has to be an issue on top of them forcing an aggressive awper into a passive role which he is terrible at. I'm not sure why they took someone like junior if they wanted...
Return to Lan
It doesn't matter as lan is never coming back. Valve and tourney organizers could bring back lan tomorrow if they wanted. They are not bringing it back because its much cheaper to spam trash online ev...
How often do you guys change sensitivity
Im at 2560x1440 but close enough
Carrying is painful when losing
True. It's shameful and that is always a terrible feeling. You know that you are letting everyone down and feel like an anchor weighing your team down. It's the worst.
First Covid Symptoms You Experienced?
None because im immune.
Triumph Csgo destroy HLTV users with FACTS and LOGIC
+1 This is the only logical response
Why is tarik kicked
Because his butt buddy snakeislaw decided to throw him under the bus after he no longer had anyone else to blame but himself. They are both the biggest snakes in na cs and daps still deserves a free s...
How often do you guys change sensitivity
I've been slowly lowering mine. I had a tiny mousepad at one point and played at 1200 3.2. I bought a huge mousepad and have steadily lowered it. I'm at 800 1 right now.
Mongolian CS:GO League's are absolute garbage
I think that if anything people are just upset with how unstable the pro scene is during online cs. When there are lans there isn't as many upsets and the scene has a general stability of who are the ...
Cs is done in NA. Valorant has a much better AC and valve have abandoned cs to do whatever stupid shit with vr that gaben has them doing. Why would anyone in NA want to play a game that has been aband...