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Gj mouz
top 5 best duo in cs history
shox scream, simple elec, olof krimz. like wtf
Your country's worst decision?
im fake flag (actually australian) and its probably persecution of the aboriginal people
Your country's worst decision?
you're lucky to even have land, the partition of Palestine the worst decision made in world history other than the holocaust
Kanye vs Kendrick
Kendrick I'd say is more talented as a rapper whereas Kanye has the ability to produce and rap and has done it at a high level for a while. I believe if they both started at the same time Kendrick wou...
Cool job from home
omegalul just realised this entire thread is a bait, either that or you're just retarded xdddd
Cool job from home
its not a bait, its a genuine widely held view of Jewish people. You will never find a job from home that pays you good with minimal effort
Cool job from home
AHAHAH this is actually so jewish
Which retired player would you bring back?
anders that you? :D
Sick of Execution
yeah that sums it up, the mcmahon agreement and the balifour agreement (i cant remember) made the mandate extremely sour for both sides
Sick of Execution
i really dont want to go into detail about it, but i can understand what you mean
Sick of Execution
well no, Israel is to blame for the creation of extremism in the middle east; oppression of palestinian people.
Sick of Execution
I'm not from the middle east, but Israel is an illegal state
3 best pro players in your country
GIMME some songs to rate, again.
+1 *breathes in* WEST VIRGINIA!!!