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jokes about your country
in the warwe would wear them(KloMPen) backwards to fool zeh germans!
s1mple, NiKo & karrigan
i mean karrigan has to be #1 canidate due to his tenure and where his carreer is now (hes getting old etc) but i'd love to see him get one, as for s1mple winning one has to happen someday, and niko ma...
support Flashpoint
cutting out the middleman or something like that.
R.Lewis - Lost all respect
fuck off yall some nerds
First case in Netherlands
upcoming ones maybe? and idk but PAACPP sounds like a legit name for a party
Will miss you Guardian :(
yeah its a shame hes going out like this he deserves better but again expiration dates are somewhat everywhere
Kjaerbye > s0mple
want fries with that?
best band of all time
greatest band of all time really all depends on wich era/time etc, 2 broad a question, stupid one anyways, i mean u got NOFX, Queen, VADER, Herman Brood & The wild romance, Michael Schenker Group, qu...
fan of thorin
Depression and relationships
after further reading, my mom lives like 2 blocks away from me been dodging that for years.
Depression and relationships
eh ive been depressed for years now and my whole social life has fallen apart, i feel peer pressure when i meet someone on the street, i cant plant the thought of going outside and visit someone in my...
Renegades worst "top" team?
true true, but i'll say again, tis just a joke my man :p
jennifer lopez owns part of NRG
Whats a SO? Suprise Oakmeal or something?
jennifer lopez owns part of NRG
And how does that make you feel? knowing you share the special place in her head with her son
jennifer lopez owns part of NRG
so his mom, tells you, her son is special all the time? or she tells you that you are special? in either case.