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distances in space are mind blowing-ly big, its is hard for humans to understand them, if they exits, they most likely are too far away.
ez 4 diversity
is abortion immoral
they are human because they have lived a life.
is abortion immoral
offcourse, if a doll looks like a child dosent make it human.
is abortion immoral
off course, read what you are saying you are implying that anything that needs human care must be a human.
is abortion immoral
neither does a fetus without the mother, it is not a human.
is abortion immoral
there is no child inside a mother, for the 3 first months dosent have anything resembling a human being. this is the contentious point that "pro-life" people make, they define that a fetus at any sta...
is abortion immoral
but has tools to survive, a group of multiplying cells has no will, has no conscious.
is abortion immoral
a fully form human can survive no matter the age. baby crying for example attracts other humans, specifically female.
is abortion immoral
because it depends on someone else, it gives value to a supposed human life, witch it isnt, undermining the will of the human who is already alive.
is abortion immoral
a fetus is not a human until it can live on his own, that time has been decided 3 months, its not a human, its not a baby, its no different to a tumor growing in someones body, and i would never stop ...
3 clips from a single match is not enough even to report someone on overwatch.
Murica - FUCK YEAH!
nice reping my socialist country.
Ex-Thunder Awaken vs Annunaki
you gotta start somewhere :p
Ex-Thunder Awaken vs Annunaki
historic moment for Bolivian CS :D