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Donald Trumps deal
i know the media is biased against trump and they often bash him for things that he actually did right (pulling the troops out of syria for example) but should i trust trump instead? haha he lies when...
Donald Trumps deal
he was very bad because he started wars, one of the few things thankfully trump has not done yet. but he is pretty close with iran. but trump is clearly more embarrassing for the us
Donald Trumps deal
i get the positives that many people see in him but you can't just ignore all the things he fucked up
Donald Trumps deal
hahahaha. he doesnt flip flop. how can you not see how many times he contradicts himself? he basically doesn't understand the concept of truth. and the fact that he doesnt speak like a politician, why...
Donald Trumps deal
"Very smart political move by trump, as per usual". he is the dumbest us president in history
Donald Trumps deal
you are baiting or a complete idiot
Donald Trumps deal
navi top2
how is navi boring to watch? they heavily rely on individual performances and are not that strategical. sometimes it's a clown fiesta and bad cs but entertaining to watch.
What will Trump be known for ?
keep on digging sherlock!
Na'Vi and the VP curse
look at the ranking. and then you cry how bad navi is lul. they will make roster changes when zeus retires but there is no need to make them now.
shroud csgo
how am i jealous? i just don't like him and don't understand why so many people are watching him. maybe i'm jealous about the money he is making from this but the rest.. nah.
shroud csgo
you think that character is a thing you can count? that gives me headache
shroud csgo
obviously are many people watching him. but what has that to do with his character? he is popular because of cs and has a lot of skill, but he is not entertaining at all.
Trump ex-lawyer imprisoned
you should get your brain checked