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BIG vs Não Tem Como
Urs already there
I r8 your World Cup predictions
Top 4 to win 1.Germany 2.Brazil 3.France 4.Spain Top 4 underdogs 1.Poland/Switzerland 2.Switzerland/Poland 3.Uruguay 4.Iceland
How many children
More children means better pension ofc if u raise them to be good citizens what I mean by this is when u retire and ur pension is low then ur kids will help u financially.
How come
I know this feeling I live in UK and pulling birds in the clubs is much easier than pulling Polish girls when I go to my family town on holidays. My mates told me this is because of the accent and acc...
Your dream car ?
JEEP Wrangler 2018 http://www.quirkchryslerdodgejeepram.com/inventory/2018-jeep-wrangler-jk-altitude-4x4-sport-utility-1c4bjweg3jl809233
Sister knows I was recording her taking shower(18+)
Go to her room kick the shit out of her take your phone back, upload the video to ur PC and delete it from ur phone if she tells parents she has nothing on u. If its too late YOU'RE FUCKED
Ceh9 about VP??????
Well neo best player of cs 1.6 but overrated in CSGO
Royal Wedding Hype
I'm at the gym in Bedworth (Coventry) right now and only thing on the fucking screens is royal wedding for fuck sakes.
ZywOo kicked from FPL
When two toxic cunts play in one team :D
Kebab friend the Jews will flex on internet as long as Burgers will defend them and provide cheap weapons.
"trustful leader" WOW tbh Erdogan in my opinion is way better than Netanyahu https://nypost.com/2018/02/13/police-to-recommend-corruption-charges-against-netanyahu/
Poland come
If you don't want to play with toxics just join Swedistan Pro League and play only with Swedish ppl. I play in Poorland Pro League and no toxics there as most of the leagues like that on Faceit have s...
Ukrainians/Russians come here
Pretty much yes
Ukrainians/Russians come here
How about we take Lwów and you take east Ukraine it's basically parts that should be in our countries
Ukrainians/Russians come here
Ukraine as a country is a fucking joke btw