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According to the Library of Congress Country Studies conducted by the Federal Research Division of the United States – The war was militarily inconclusive; each side held prisoners and some territory ...
mathematician baits 300000 women on twitter
Another libtard destroyed epic style😎😎😎😎
Both produce shitty, unoriginal, derivative content. As for the beef, idrc, and hope that a decent youtuber will take over in the near future
Lol still waiting for a source
Ooh not to mention the active mobile phones in the area significantly dropped after the attack soo...
A) No media outlet was ever allowed to visit the Jaish training facility. B) The satellite images were procured 6 days after the air strikes, the pakistani authorities would have obviously mitigated t...
Yup 90% sure you're fake-flagging. Show me one neutral and official source that claims that Pakistan won that war in any aspect(territory lost, casualties, economic damage etc.), and I shall convert t...
Lmao, my dude, these are claims by the IAF, plus there is a lot of corroborative evidence in the form of testimonies by the people living in the area, not to mention satellite footage. Even a pakistan...
Right, must be true because an obscure Australian newspaper said so.
USA disrespectful
Lol meaningless rhetoric was the reply I expected. Have fun being paranoid.
USA disrespectful
They have state militias for that, why do people need guns? This type of fear-mongering that 'oh no the government is going to kill us' is what makes people paranoid
I don't even know lmao. Their PM said that they want to combat terrorism together, then when India attacked JeM camps, they got mad. Pretty hypocritical