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pull up with the gang on the block of the opp
shootin straight out the drop top leave the block a hot spot
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Underrated song in your opinion
yeah. ppl like scarlxrd are everywhere and nowhere at the same time it seeems. even fucking $uicideboy$ have like 3 songs with over 100 mill plays and a lot of songs with like 20-50+ but they still ca...
Underrated song in your opinion
actually yeah. but if were talking for example rap, then even artists that have music videos with over 10 million views can be considered underground
Underrated song in your opinion
1 million is not mainstream numbers, mainstream numbers is over 100 million
Underrated song in your opinion its an EP but still, its not unknown but it is still underrated also,
Rap music
yes mens
Rap music
wat i cant talk shit back to retards?
Rap music
bet youre a 25 year old edgelord neckbeard living in his moms house listening to only metal
Rap music
nope. but ur probably one considering u dont like a whole genre and u go around talkin shit on ppl for liking a certain genre.
Rap music
Lets share music edit: this as well
Gun Control and the USA
Maybe it isn't as good in America as it would be in a country where ppl dont get offended by everything and arent extreme pussies. But it's still better than being with no defense against actual threa...
Holy grail of headsets