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the more i play the worse i am
Actually it makes perfect sense. You don't stimulate the brain in other things, therefore not becoming more aware, thinking outside the box or being more creative. The more you play, the less fun the ...
Meaning of everything
There's no deeper meaning to life, and if there is, we will never find out since we at this state aren't smart enough to figure it out, and by the time we would have been smart enougjh, the earth will...
Most Hated Person from your Country
+1 she took my kids aswell
Most Hated Person from your Country
well maybe u just rednecc from sønderborg?
which country is 'free'?
I agree that they are "free" also, but I think maybe the people of Switzerland don't play "the victim card" as much as in other European countries - though it's solely based on assumptions. Also, I ...
which country is 'free'?
Other than that, go to Switzerland. But have a job sorted beforehand, otherwise you're gonna have a baaaad tiiiiiiime
which country is 'free'?
You do realize that when you migrate, you'll become an "ethnic", right? The world is progressing and the problem does not lie within the multiculturalism, but within the media. One thing you should l...
How much money in ur bank account?
minus 50.000 ez
Gym Progress!!
Stop working on your arms and start working your essentials - chest, shoulder, back. Your chest is indeed underdeveloped, so stop working guns. Other than that, keep going
Lost all respect for Obama
and destroyed millions of lives, yes, but of course insulting the pope is the worst.
Lost all respect for Obama
His charisma fools you. He is not a good person.
Obviously Finnish
[21+] "i miss you" sex
Granted. But there’s a difference between not getting it their way every time, and destroying a relationship on purpose
[21+] "i miss you" sex
Some bitch got you good huh 😅
(18+) female pubic hair
but he was not iraqi my brother