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The AUG was on CS before CoD was ever created you peasant
what is a good salary in your opinion
for milion dalors 😎
fortnite is a esport (debate)
Dota 2
I can see that when comparing in-game impact and dominance, but I think OG was a way better team than Na`Vi is, which is the point I'm trying to make (how 'hard' can you carry a bunch of apes).
Dota 2
> Is that a good game ? Yes > Should I even start playing and learning it in 2019 I won't suggest it, but the decision is yours after all. > How would you compare that to cs They're not really that ...
Happy Vitality
Because he's still playing like it's bloody 2015, he didn't adapt at all, much like SIXER who plays CS:GO like it's 1.6, of course it ain't gonna work
Happy Vitality
Understandable, have a nice day
favourite english word?
Classic uneducated burger
I'm baffled people somehow took this beyond obvious joke seriously smh my head
FalleN Bolsonaro supporter
Not a portuguese speaker, but with my limited knowledge I can tell it roughly translates to: - FalleN who you're gonna vote for? - I can't tell you, but i'll give you a hint
FalleN Bolsonaro supporter
Being leftist on HLTV OMEGALUL
Java in 2018 OMEGALUL
Ye that was my exact thought when I saw the news, the guy didn't even got the name right lol
Fortnite ruined gaming
Real gamers don't play Fortnite, so it didn't ruin gaming at all... hell, it even became better because all the disgusting little rats went there instead of ruining ACTUAL games. Responding to your p...
TACO didn't arent nothing wrong