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most commented hltv thread
There are quite a few.
most commented hltv thread
You haven't played 3? in 2019? wtf is wrong with u Anyways you can only do it once. 3 focuses a lot more on Yennefer than Triss. There are other characters you can bang too though except those two :P
most commented hltv thread
Honestly I actually don't remember. Have you played 3?
most commented hltv thread
+1 they were so commented on that the admins themselves created new ones -_-
why anyone the first 2 in the eye does not keep the possibility of entering the first look of the nikonun in terms of statistics I think we can see that much better than the device is definitely niko ...
100% confirmed Top 7
niko>dev1ce? omegaultrasuperepicamazingfantastic LUL
Israel's best players
Ok sorry I will stop listening to fake news. I am serious this time, I am on team Israel now.
Worst ORGs
Because they made the dumb mistake of investing in Brazilians that still act like children. Kinda feel bad for them though but they did see this coming yet chose to give kNg a second chance anyway.
being american
Best Games You Played from 2018?
oh shit lmao my dumb ass still hasn't gotten used to 2019 yet
Best Games You Played from 2018?
I did play right now. I finished it less than a month ago. I didn't get many bugs (I did get one where the game would crash if I killed/picked up chickens) but I'm talking about stutter. Not bugs, not...
Best Games You Played from 2018?
KCD is amazing. Unfortunately I got huge stutters riding on my horse through Rattay, Sasau etc so it made the experience very unpleasant.
Best Games You Played from 2018?
No it's not. Rockstar have not said a single thing about it. Last I heard was this : If it doesn't come out on PC I'll probably just borrow my brother's P...
Best Games You Played from 2018?
Can't wait for it to come out on PC. Played a bit of it on the Xbox One X and enjoyed it quite a lot.