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Cloud9 vs Renegades
Gratisfaction>Skadoodle AZR>Golden Jks>Autimatic Jkaem>Flusha Liazz>RUSH
Top 5 F1 Drivers
I'm saying that he's 2 on OP's list
Top 5 F1 Drivers
he's 2 tho
Battlefield 5 wont get eastern front campaign
The biggest problem is not that, it was EA's response. Patrick Faggotlund pissed people off so much that people jumped on a bandwagon (yes, get upset of me using that word idc but that's what it was) ...
Battlefield 5 wont get eastern front campaign
We will see whether it's a huge success but it's already a million times more successful than Battlefield so they have that going for them.
Battlefield 5 wont get eastern front campaign
Still just look anywhere pre-release and all you see is CoD. YouTube, Twitch, gaming forums, doesn't matter where you go CoD is there 100x more than Battlefield. People played the BF5 open beta or wha...
Battlefield 5 wont get eastern front campaign
It's already dead? CoD is getting 100x more attention...and it's COD
expected from twofaced 'microsoft' toledo
MIBR vs Renegades
Probably that while they could find someone better to replace Ustilo and Nifty I don't think there's anyone in ANZ who would have been a fraction as good as jkaem hence why they kept him.
we aren't arabs WTF
how low priced does it have to be to get caught this easily?
Sounds like you have so much free time that you don't know what to do, get a job maybe?
Sry india
+1 peace we love u
Renegades vs MIBR
Grat vs most teams = meh Grat vs Brazilian teams = POGCHAMP
MIBR vs Renegades
why would they kick jkaem? he's consistently been a good player within the team also naf left himself