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C9 stupid moves
relyks and food talents LOL
Game suggestions
Don't see the downside here, hundreds of hours of gameplay is a good thing???
Game suggestions
OOf thanks well like I said in a previous comment I'd like to spend as little as possible and Fallout NV is on sale so I might buy that. If I don't like it I might refund it and have a look at somethi...
Game suggestions
thanks for only listing one game my shitty laptop can run is this how u treat ur best friend?
Game suggestions
Wdym no comment, is it worth buying or not ? :D I want to save as much money as possible because I may have to buy new PC parts (sent my current ones for RMA but idk if they'll do it or not)
Game suggestions
Do you think it will run well on my laptop? it's on sale right now is it worth buying or should I pirate it?
Game suggestions
What do you guys think of Fallout New Vegas? I have played 4 which was my first Fallout game and found it awfully boring as compared to other RPGs and I often felt that everything I was doing was 'poi...
Game suggestions
Ah I hate playing with high ping sorry might have to pass on this one. Any SP games? I do have a mouse hooked up but it's still a laptop so I'd like some SP games if possible so I don't embarrass my...
Game suggestions
Already played a long time ago, along with the episodes & Portal 1&2.
Game suggestions
Thanks but I've never heard of this MMO game and it's very unpopular on steam, do people actually play it? Especially as I'm in Oceania so I highly doubt there's even one person playing from my region...
scream contract? lol he is just standin he deleted it because fnatic have not made an official announcement
FaZe Fix
NiKo chokes without being IGL and you people want him to IGL full time?
Skadaddy WTF?!?!?!
auti has been picking up the awp often for a while now
Converting to Islam
I'm Pakistani, ask me anything.
You cannot ask me about military goals that citizens could care less about because I cannot answer. As for how PK gets nuclear weapons I'm sure you can find that out yourself as you do not seem like t...