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God help GAMBIT
There will never be a worse investment than FNS for 200K, so they should do it IMO
+ French Shuffle
i can't watch any game without residentsleeper tbh all of the teams have stupid situations with their rosters and just suck ass
Why do idiots in the middle east hate Isreal
why do threads like this stay up twofaced admins
Hltv mod banned
Just how it is man, nothing we can do about it.
FaZe = failed team???
$100K? They paid 500k for niko alone nice troll
FaZe = failed team???
If you want HLTV to understand it then this is how you write it: ''I are think that FaZe suck dick, they noob and bots with no skill. They have choko and fatdian and still suck. Why they suck? disband...
Your CTRL+V...
i have none :(
+1 thank mr
FNS 200k$ anchor
Stopped reading at 'fallenzera_SK'
New C9 roster
LOL implying that C9 could ever afford elige - liquid probably gets paid more salaries based on how huge the org is compared to Clown9. Especially after they spent 200k on FNS lul
New C9 roster
C9 has the money yes but they don't spend as much on the CSGO division as you might think. Despite them winning a major from what I heard they are still behind their LoL team.
Star Series i-League Season 5 Finals
Although #3 could be right - I'm just saying the most logical thing which isn't always true.
If you really are innocent and are co-operative and mature then valve will work with you to get rid of the ban.
2faced hltv
Not really... I even made a thread complaining about it once and my thread got deleted while the hate thread stayed up.