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Cheaters in Danger Zone
yes maybe 15 % cheaters.... but the problem ist i dont know how report them. they ist no player list...
in-ear headphones?
I have JVC Ha-EB75 for 7€ they have 16-20.000 Hz Is good for Csgo. Never use something like 18-20.000 / 20-20.000Hz 20-22.000Hu for cs go. Its complet Shit. You will dont hear steps really good. Bett...
16:9 or 4:3 ?
custom resolution 1680x1080 or 1532x1080 both ok
guard and flamie both big shit. time to leave. earn 20k in month is not good for a pro player. kikc flamie, guardian, boombl4 and invite 3 from navi acadamy and goooo
r8 my gf
japanese with big booth... must be a cheat
new navi
-flamie -guardian... and here we go super team. +james or 2 guys from navi acedemy
he is to old. reflex goes down after 27 years old.
s1mple and electronic
Germans come here
what for mistake? xdd if i look at usa, russia or japan... they are more nazi's (love to the nation and think they are the best on the earth) as Germany.
first) stop to dream about that u will play like simple if u use his sens. u need find your own sens, that will give u the biggest skill level your have in yourself. 2) mabye yes. if u move fast and ...
Germans come here
German now not allow to lo ve germany. If u sing to much german anthem football, they look at you as u a Nazi. German are fucking scary Rabbits now. Because in the school, they learn that they are so...
low sens - high hz high sens - low hz
Worst chokes ever?
Girl confusing
u dont need therapie
13,25eu Valve??
stop buy it. give valve a statemanet. its to expensive. earlie this this was for 4$. now 13$. i stoped buy it after 9$