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Find your birthday twin!
dude you are literally my twin. August 1st 2000 :)
gf is crazy
"Can you shoot vent for me?"
basically its confirmation that you can get there at the fastest speed. Knife has a chance to miss if you miss time it and pistol slows you down a bit. People like to be sure they can get there at the...
it's my birthday :D
happy birthday!
gtr overhype
rate 1v5??
it was good, that shot truck was super quick. Also awesome no scope.
iPhone vs OnePlus
actually you are right. I do like my apple phone. Also my phone is always on do not disturb so i dont really get notifications. When i do, it is not the best system agreed. But, overall the os is stil...
iPhone vs OnePlus
Actually, comparing it to android, the notification system is easier to understand for me. It might not be polished but it is much better than what Android is right now.
iPhone vs OnePlus
I actually owned the one plus one when that was a big deal back in my freshman year. I actually really enjoyed it, but I still think that my iphone lasted longer than that phone did.
iPhone vs OnePlus
great argument.
iPhone vs OnePlus
Overall though, IOS> Android. It's easier to use, smoother, and will take longer to get outdated. There is a huge competition for phones on the android market. Within a year, their will be 10 better p...
iPhone vs OnePlus
+1 this is true. Apple devices seem to last longer than android. Androids get outdated so quick cause there is a lot of competition from many companies.
How to fix NiP
perhaps but thats seriously a gamble, especially when you know draken has the ability to perform at a high level
How to fix NiP
nawwwk doesn't have experience to take on top teams. Draken is the way to go
Pineapple on pizza
its good but not best. Not my preference, but i like