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Windigo vs Valiance
Maybe you should relax on the bets there big guy.
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Everytime this happens there's tears of newbie bettors that have lost tons betting on terrible odds for NaVi instead of making bank by putting a bit on 4.5+ odds for BIG. Learn from it at least, kids.
Vyalie Pitoni vs Valiance
Maybe not but that's because you're a depressed gambling addict that can't accept that you're bad at betting and let your emotions control you. If you want to improve at betting have more patience, th...
Vyalie Pitoni vs Valiance
There's no curse you're just bad at betting pal :)
NRG vs Liquid
What bet site is that?
Bpro vs HAVU
Poizon bottom frag HAVU still being stomped on their map pick. Predictions by schurmn 😂
mousesports vs Space Soldiers
They made me $1.4k in total yesterday so I ain't mad =)
mousesports vs Space Soldiers
Considering the performance of SS today I have no idea why anyone would not bet on SS here with their odds. Juicy AF.
Lots of underage bettors with gambling problems in this thread rofl
Natus Vincere vs TYLOO
Wanna make money on csgobetting? Underdog bets man. Insane odds always and incredible payouts.
FaZe vs fnatic
I love how faze are STILL getting overdog odds rofl
Enyoy vs Virtus.pro
I thought Enyoy had a huuuge chance to upset here but I really don't know about them letting Train through against VP. Train is the only map where VP actually look like human beings recently...
EPG vs Quantum Bellator Fire
Inferno will be interesting. Haven't seen QBF do much interesting on it recently but EPG is on and off on it. Should be a shit show :P
Flash vs Recca
Flash has teammates who refuse to speak to each other. Their best player isn't playing and his standin has terrible rating on hltv. Flash rumored to reform team soon. Recca decent cbble team. Why in t...
INTZ vs Ivyaert
If you're betting on these kind of matches chances are you may have a gambling problem. Consider it.