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What's wrong with kurds, Last time i checked, Kurds had more sense of moral and live a better life than turks who are hating on them and killing them no apparent reason. Even when they are assisting ...
Fer and ecofragging
You're confusing bottom fragging with last on the scoreboard. Bomb plants, defusals etc all affect the points you receive and so even though Friberg had more kills. MODDII probably just had more plant...
Selling WoW ACC
how much?
I got banned
YPG has done nothing wrong? A group females fighting against ISIS with the backing of the US army. PKK is a bad representation but the face the Turkish Military is targetting YPG when they are fightin...
I got banned
Which is what turks do to kurds. For no reason LUL
I got banned
The kurdish people are better than turks who are ignorant and actually ahve no idea why they hate the kurdish people. You follow what your stupid president says and relate PKK to all of kurdistan. Ju...
I got banned
This is incorrect, Kurdish people exist for a reason. Kurdistan did exist. The country was destroyed and the are is now partially owned by syria turkey and iran. Do your research dumb turk. Stop lick...
But your fav team is CLG, checks out
S1mple mvp for sure
I know, I'm just trying to point out that it's not always the winning team even though 99% of the time it has been
S1mple mvp for sure
Not true, S1mple claimed MVP at starseries and they didn't win.
SS Overrated
I can guarantee you, they would of been 16:0'd 1 and a bit years ago.
SS Overrated
You are clearly in denial of a team who is competing on Fnatics level. They are yet to achieve a significant win on a LAN you are correct however 1 year and abit ago they couldn't even compete at the ...
SS Overrated
He didn't get salty, You've misunderstood. He's teaching you your own language because you are failing to understand it. ;) I'm pretty safe thank you. Carefull of white extremists running around with...
SS Overrated
To counter this stupid point. SS has improved significantly over the past year and abit, They went from tier 50 to Tier 2, edging tear 1 by showing they can compete at the top level. Indeed they are n...