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do you pay for the dinner on a date
A way ive found to save a few bucks on a date, and not really seem like asshole or poor is to pay the bill, ask her to leave a tip. This shows her your willing to pay the major expense, but shes going...
well known that everyone THINKS they know order of operations, and from my estimate only about 10% of people actually do. So it turns into retardeds dead set they are right and fighting and its pure ...
OpTic vs mousesports
worth betting on optic at these odds, honestly think its a close 2-1 in either teams favor unless someone wins in pick/ban faze
OpTic vs Aristocracy
im on the reddit, ive seen all the updates. I believe that h3cz is trying, but i dont believe his chances are better then imtz chances at it. I do however hope the rumors about h3cz and immortals sett...
OpTic vs Aristocracy
hopefuly optic can win out the rest of the matches this week. May be the last time we see a optic csgo team if immortals deal ends up going through.
Danish CS
yall are mistaken, optic is playing with k0nfig, snappi, msl, niko, refresh snappi support and msl igl
OpTic vs mousesports
k0nfig for valde LuL
Typing speed?
i usually get between 70-75 on these tests. But when I'm typing something that makes sense instead of random words im a bit faster.
bud light bud light lime bud light lime w/ salt spicey bud light
AGO vs OpTic
damn was happy when it was delay 1 hour so i could finish work. now ive been off for an hour and it still hasnt started.
I’m edating
+1 ez maffs