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mousesports vs
Jame is back!
where is adren?
Lol, but Nickelback is hardly any improvement though. Not the greatest move from VP.
nicest csgo pro
Huh, you are not a nice person.
nicest csgo pro
VINI, Boombl4, Dupreeh, obviously pasza was awesome, GuardiaN was nice.
VP roster
Degster is kinda up and coming, I agree, but scarting out Jame is also tossing away the other possible IGL instead of Adren. They gave it to other instead of quikert just because they thought quikert ...
VP roster
What exactly is wrong with Jame?
Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves
0 points in total or for role/boosters? He got 0.77 rating, so for the match he will get either -6 or -7 points. For noob role he should get 5, since he was under 0.85 rating. Not sure about the boo...
fnatic vs MAD Lions
Winning the V4 ahead of Mouz, Nip and MIBR I say is a pretty good feat. For the no-namers these guys were, they are playing some great CS and Bubzkji is a very good player. You should not underestimat...
luckiest pro ever?
Nobody heard about ropz! Maybe you came into the HT scene with already ropz rocking the Mouz chair, but he was probably the first ever FPL sign-up into a T1 team. Everyone was questioning this decissi...
luckiest pro ever?
Soooo what about ropz probably, hm?
I rate YOUR fantasy
Damn it, raw, last time you said it you are going to win it and I didn't see you anywhere!
Too many Faze fans
Have the Faze flair for years. I guess it is understandable when your team plays worse you don't comment as much on their game.
I picked Gla1ve, ez, isn't it? I got Jugi. I picked Plopski for easy points aaaand yeah, went from Top 100 to 1500th.
Vitality vs NiP
I know. But imagine some time before hampus was signed to NiP: IF hampus would be seen as better prospect, I am sure Astralis would try to get him than Lekr0. I am sure they knew about Gla1ve and Xyp9...
Vitality vs NiP
I am sure if hampus would be better than Lekr0 that Astralis would be calling him instead of Lekr0 :-))