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Top 20 players of 2021: sh1ro (4)
No big Gambit fan, but Sh1ro played better than NiKo, it is a fact. Yes, we love NiKo’s carry performances, highligts etc, but if awards and stats matter, there is no way NiKo is above. Even when yo...
chrisJ released by MOUZ
NBK??? Are you serious? There is no future with NBK.
EG target valde - Report
The G is still there!
EG target valde - Report
Yeah, OG is a goner.
Counter-Quiz: OG (Aleksib & valde)
Pff, can't believe they got the last wrong. After the Boston major C9 basicaly disappeared, so Pro League has to be before. Then the Liquid era came (the Sydney win among it) and after that was the ti...
Vitality new lineup(?)
Since it was said many weeks ago that Dupreeh and Magisk are coming
Liquid close in on oSee - Report
oSee makes sense, I can agree with this. And as many say, swap Vini for shox and this could be a plausible lineup if nitr0 is not in dead form, since he was pretty bad when leaving to Valorant.
Showing promise and haxing Sixer in your team? That doesn't add up.
nitr0's Liquid return "close to a done deal" - Report
This can't ever work. Elige looks toxic, nitro will be even worse than when he left and bringing from EU not stellar shox and from Br support Vini? This is all over the place. Why such a hurry?
BIG vs Gambit
Did I hear somewhere that syrson is the better awper than sh1ro..?
Spirit put sdy on the transfer list
So firstly they name him Viktor and then lower Victor? Much respect for the player, Spirit.
Dupreeh has bought a flat in Sweden, I think it confirms the move to NiP.
Copenhagen Flames vs NIP
Nicoodoz is absolutely awful with his decissions.
Beautiful flags
Wait? We are in a CS GO forum and nobody said Mozambique? There's a frickin AK on that flag!