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Forum posts vs Chaos
This match can't be thrown even more, so suspicious. Since otherwise I can't believe how Chaos can play CT so bad. Freddyfrog kills a T in banana and then he rotates through CT spawn to start the reta...
FaZe Fans Come Here!!!
7/8. Looks really supporting, giving players confidence, good tactician and you can see during timeouts how he gives advice.
k0nfig to stay with OpTic
Radifaction just signed for Nordavind, I don't think he is a free agent anymore. Also he was the worst in stats for NoChance (not taking into account kRYSTAL), so not sure. Nukkye is good though.
Vitality vs mousesports
They also almost made it do the Pro League, but Frozen couldn't play cause he didn't have the age to do so by regulations. How can you make yourself a name when you are not allowed to? He is damn 16 y...
Vitality vs mousesports
So? He didnt have a chance to show on some decent LAN tournament so far.
NiP vs FaZe
That "no-plant" round got me absolutely baffled. What the fuck was going on?! Why wouldn't you plant as soon as you get to the site?
Those who deem Frozen unworthy are blind. He looks determined and is fragging very well for NoChance. Yes, it is a tier 3 team, but I am sure he will keep improving. Best talent in CZ/SK scene for sur...
ENCE vs Astralis
“Prepare to beat Astralis” “It’s not possible” “No, it’s Encessary”
Chaos vs NoChance
If this team is to stay, they will have to sooner or later replace Radifaction. He doesn't cut it for me, he is underperforming even when Frozen and Nukkye constantly keeps on carrying the team forwar...
I am sure he is taking it pretty seriously. He joined with the NoChance boys to make a name for himself and I think he is on the right path. He is 16, should have school and from what I saw, he plays ...
Envy vs Swole Patrol
Did Cutler play with one hand that first map?
Let's see then
What defuse was that? :-O
Predicting Asia Minor
How do Renegades get to the final with Gosu if you said they are going to lose to Greyhound 1:2?
Ence fix
I don't know about that, but maybe? Either way, I just think Xseven is playing decently, they for sure have some chemistry going and positions learned. I am sure we didn't see the best of this lineup ...