CS Veteran since Beta 0.52, played ESL Pro League Level from 2000 - end 2001.
Played against Teams like TAMM, mTw, SK, Imperial.cs, DKH, 4Kings, pro Gaming

in 2002 got bored by CS and played Jedi Knight 2 CTF in ESL Pro League, we missed EPS#1 10k Lan Finals against later winner pro Gaming.
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I cant listen to his bad English. This dude should take some serious English Lessons.
Skinbaron legit?
Yes i sold and bought Stuff
they didnt kick smooya, he asked for it because he wasnt allowed to be main awp on ct side.
Rogue vs compLexity
complexity just played sloppy on overpass and also inferno first half.. they knew in the end they will qualify anyway.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
550W is more than enough, but if you buy a RTX 2080 or something like that go for the 650W. Also get 3200Mhz Ram. Mainboard is more Important than the PSU. 9700 generates alot of Heat, you should inve...
Faceit lvl10?
If you can, play Mirage & Cache only. On Mirage you can shut enemy down as CT playing Mid. If you own them in mid early, they wont come there and from there you can just outplay them and surprise them...
PC for CSGO much better value for a little bit more money. i have the CPU in my 2nd pc and i can run csgo with average 250fps with a slight overclock. 1.) CPU, i3 8350k ...
Chaos vs Syman
Look at the Odds and then dont tell me this doesnt look fishy. Loot.Bet & Syman cash in big vs. unexperienced Bettors
after five years PC upgrade - i9 9900K
Shit Mainboard, it will get extremely hot and wont last you 5 Years. You should put a Fan directly on the VRMs
Stewie2k in liquid
The way liquid plays is like Stewie likes to Play. But hes not a Star Player in the Lineup. They have NAF & Twistz all really high caliber players. I hope they find a good fit for him. But i dont thin...
He rekt everyone in PUGs or tier3 teams, now hes playing a structured style of cs against tier1. he needs time to adapt, then im sure he can get to top10
are mx reds good or typing?
Omegalul, Attax with Mix Team and no IGL. Panthers = Onliners or they Matchfixing