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Hes collecting a shitton of empty popcorn buckets ontop of his head. Pretty sure he has like almost 30.
tarik is the best in na
As much as I like n0thing I don't think hes ever been a top 5 player in NA
tarik is the best in na
#1 Elige #2 Twistzz #3 Tarik
AWPer team
Nitr0 - IGL S1mple - Entry Zywoo - Main Awp Shox - Lurker Dev1ce - Support
investing stock
I agree that alot of what he said was wrong. Our economy is actually doing well. However I gotta disagree with the tariffs argument. Having our trade war against China is currently an objectively b...
I bet $1000 on ENCE......stupid decision
Big oof
I bet $1000 on ENCE......stupid decision
You need jesus on inferno
Liquid vs Vitality
I think hes just saying that Vitalitys gonna need more than just 1 guy (other than Zywoo) stepping up. Just Apex stepping up isn't gonna be enough if rpk and nbk play like bots like they usually do.
C9 or Faze Smooya
Never said that Faze would want to pick him up. C9, Faze, Liquid and Mouz are the english speaking teams in the top 10 and all the others speak different languages. Mouz has Oskar and Chrisj. Liquid ...
Karrigan LMAO
He should just coach at this point honestly... He has a good head on him but his aim just isnt even close up to par.
Team Liquid 2019??
Ehhh even though stewie is prob a better player than taco, id assume Liquids not gonna be nearly as consistent this year because they are gonna be lacking a good coach.
Respect OGC
Hes going to a sponsored charity event by twitch...
CS teams suck now
You don't root for a team only because they are good. You root for a team because of the players/org/nationality. Rooting for a team only cuz they are good makes you a plastic fan.
I think Mibrs main problem is that all of their players do super well playing at specific roles/tempos but none of them match up well with one another. Because cold is their main star they play aroun...