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Richest CS GO orgs?
I imagine most of the current G2 CS:GO fanbase started with the French squad (I moved on to G2 from Envy when the ex-Envy core joined in 2017), so it's not really surprising to see they want to hold o...
Richest CS GO orgs?
idk, I imagine their CoD team has a hefty pay considering it's the esports FaZe originated in + franchised league
Sprout vs GODSENT
Lynn Vision vs fnatic Rising
then you threw for over
Kosovo vs EC Kyiv
HLTV doesn't have a Kosovian flag (Kosovo is recognized only by ~50% of UN Member-States) so it uses Albanian one for the Kosovian players (90%+ of Kosovian citizens are of Albanian nationality).
Kosovo vs BLUEJAYS
It's recognised by 97 out of 193 United Nations countries. So it is recognized by a majority, albeit by a small margin
Kosovo vs BLUEJAYS
Kosovian flag isn't available on hltv
EC Kyiv vs iNation
WESG was cool, but I thought of something like this: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/E-Frag/The_World_Championships/2015 Decent prize pool for the times, some cool big names playing. Feels like ...
G2 part ways with maLeK *
I'm sad mens)))
es3tag to replace LNZ on NIP - Report
Fnatic went majority UK already, soon NiP will go majority Danish lol inb4 I know FNC is a UK org
EC Kyiv vs iNation
Imagine this game but with some actual national teams Event like that would be so cool if some serious organiser would take it up.
GPU for adequate price when?
For FPS games yeah, but can't imagine playing racing or sports games on keyboard once I started playing them on a controller
Not sure why hltv splits a 12 team event into two separate but ok
2 splits a year should be enough, 3 tops - any more will be an overkill and it would simply get boring
are you people seriously hating on a 16 year old kid on his first LAN? Bruh