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VP inferno strategy
AGO recently got a new investor (former co-owner of one of the biggest football clubs in Poland) and whole team signed contracts expiring at the end of 2020 so, not happening. Too much money in to let...
mousesports vs Vega Squadron
ez vega
VP inferno strategy
Jesus, 3 AM and I'm making scenarios in my head. Thank you brain AGO qualifying for Katowice, VP's last tournament, both making it to playoffs and youngsters beat the bears. Kinda passing the torch m...
VP inferno strategy
Really hard to tell. We'll see.
VP inferno strategy
It's kinda... sad. They always "came back" and stuff, for example not really great end of 2016 and then major final, but since DH LV which they won it's straight downfall (maybe besides Krakow and Epi...
VP inferno strategy
Not sure if he doesn't care, or just doesn't believe they can do any better. Anyway expecting changes after major (if the players decide not to {yet}, I think org will force them, only reason not to ...
VP inferno strategy
It's not like Byali is the one sucking the most atm But yeah hard to play decent spending almost the same amount of time on a different game
AGO vs Spirit
I suspect they also might add some teams in play-off stage
Only 2 CT rounds for SS and just because innocent couldn't land that last shot in both clutches. They play so badly on this side
Sprout vs Space Soldiers
Mocek <3
Tiers in CS:GO
-phr +michu
Big EPL 4Head Ago EPL PogChamp
Tiers in CS:GO
Well they don't "exist" for real. It's a concept. And for every person they mean something else.
Space Soldiers vs AGO
Round over - Winner: T (1-3) - Enemy eliminated ngiN committed suicide ngiN killed GruBy with m4a1 GruBy killed paz with ak47 GruBy planted the bomb (1on2) ngiN killed phr with m4a1 phr killed XANTARE...
Space Soldiers vs AGO
They need to play relegation matches afterwards. And BO5 finals are boring.