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Matchfixing in CS:GO
I'm not saying that it doesn't ever happen. I'm saying people are exaggerating the scale of the problem to absurds because they're mad they lost a bet. It's hard to find a match on hltv without some m...
Matchfixing in CS:GO
Yes half the pro players risk their careers over some pocket money earned on fixing online tournaments Do you believe in tooth fairy too?
Heretics vs m1x
https://www.hltv.org/matches/2337978/godsent-vs-heretics-qi-banja-luka-2019-europe-qualifier ok Heretics lost 2-0, HLTV broke because of Smash -> Godsent transfer
Heretics vs m1x
Perhaps they forfeited the game vs Smash because they couldn't play and hltv didn't note it? I'd check on Liquipedia, hltv is pretty crap when it comes to managing more complex tournament brackets
Poland Mountain BloodTrail
Either viewbots or Russian bettors. Could be both at once lul
CR4ZY vs Sprout
Sprout past matches LUL
Illuminar vs Movistar Riders
That format is confusing af overall Liquipedia has it explained better but it's still way too complicated imo
Virtus.pro vs Spirit/Heretics winner
Delayed, not forfeited I hope
Astralis vs m1x
No idea Tudson had written on his fb fanpage that rigoN couldn't play due to work obligations, no details
Astralis vs m1x
Rigon is working and can't play
AGO vs Phoenix
6-14 19-16 ez i guess
Astralis vs Aristocracy
Go Arcy
Polish election polls
They're generally considered right, not far-right by the most. Even though, they get called fascist a lot - but it's mostly because of their authoritarian-like moves like trying to get a hold on Supr...