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Vitality vs FaZe
Sprout vs North
Not sure why isn't it a BO1 if it's just for seeding
Heroic vs AGO
I guess your HZ
Philips CSGO 2500
BIG vs Sprout
Didn't try playing for EPL spot?
Sprout vs AGO
It's for moments like those that I still follow CS. Much love AGO <3
AGO vs Sprout
Season 33 was supposed to grant ESEA Global Challenge spots, which would grant 2 ESL Pro League spots, but the GC was called off. That's why the regional finals, 1 spot for NA, 1 for EU
Arcane Wave vs DeftFox fe
There are sponsors so there are tournaments. That's not sexism, that's capitalism. Now if we talk about female players complaining about their earnings... well, the "male" (I should say mixed, for th...
ORDER vs Skyfire
2 Australias, American, Turk and South African talk about multiregionalism
accidental bet on Apeks MIRAGE
Either rip or huge W, we'll see in an hour
Wizards vs 9INE
This match is so weird
I'd agree about MAD, because the lose to PACT should've never happened, but Dignitas is just overhyped as they proved over and over again. Yeah, there are big names in there but most of those people ...
And why did they pick over? Train looks very 50/50 too. They got completely owned in veto PACT does have a wider mappool tbf, but still
Why is it that people love an underdog winning, but when there's 2 of them suddenly everyone's mad
Henry G is done
If it turns out to be true, putting being an abusive shithead and rapist as just "a fucking idiot" is a bit of an understatement but... yeah, still sums it up nicely.