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Virtus Pro "Era"
I've never seen anyone unironically claiming VP had an era at some point.
Removing TOAO instead of phr (if anyone at all) baffles me.
x6tence Galaxy vs Movistar Riders
btw why did Edgar and Jony Boy play in x6? XD
x6tence Galaxy vs Movistar Riders
16-0---------16-0---------------------------------16-016-016-0 16-0-------16-0----------------------------------16-0---------16-0 16-0-----16-0-----------------------------------16-0-----------16-0 16...
PRIDE vs Vyalie Pitoni
damn they fd up big time
National leagues aren't featured on hltv and they're doing quite well then, just so you know. It's 1st open quali for somewhat big event since they signed them so let's wait look how they'll do
Spirit vs 90s druglords
If you see an international mix of nonames getting far in qualifier 99% "[team name] DQed" inc
Their former Academy team, they are actually doing the best out of first-team line-ups since reatz and Minise went to Kinguin, so ;v
NiP vs Natus Vincere
2ez4Na'Vi lul
sNax officialy kicked
expected tbh
tomorrow will be better vs ex-QBF
Everyone was so nice to each other just discussing and you had to get in and start name calliing didn't you
tomorrow will be better vs ex-QBF
Bit long for a match name
tomorrow will be better vs ex-QBF
tomorrow will be better vs ex-QBF
It's My will always baffle me, how is it even a nickname
tomorrow will be better vs ex-QBF
Welp, to1nou is to-one-ou, not toinou :x It's not the only other way you could possibly "xyp9x" it mate, add language difference to it and bam, casters struggled with it in the beginning after all