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FaZe possible fix
niko was a shitty igl on mouz, and chris wasn't an igl until after niko left. chris is by far a better igl than niko. niko will do anything to win, even if it means giving up the igl role, which is o...
FaZe possible fix
keep current roster but -AdreN +Chris
it's reseeded after every round. it's not the same now.
cause elo system
it's faze vs c9/vitality
faze 5th
FaZe BMing C9
can you read dumb NA? Belo horizonte was MONTHS after katowice
FaZe picking up AdreN over XANTARES?
He didn't join bc he wanted to move out of Turkey bc of crappy wifi and stuff. faZe didn't have a team house like BIG, so he chose them over FaZe
AdreN IGL??
wOw i bRoKe a rUlE1!!111
AdreN IGL??
i can call you whatever the fuck i want to call you. learn how to argue and not use baseless stats and coincidences to prove arguments.
AdreN IGL??
LMAO casual pussyboy report when proven wrong. a majority of igl's sitting in the middle is a shitty argument to make to try and say adren is igl, when he isn't.
AdreN IGL??
ur retarded. nobody gives a fuck who sits where, even if all other IGLs sit in the middle. there isn't a rule in any organizer's rulebook that says they MUST sit in the middle. guardian has confirmed...
AdreN IGL??
that's his personal decision. you don't have to sit in the middle as an IGL. that's retard logic.
doesn't matter how he plays individually. it matters how well he fits into the team and how well he plays his assigned roles.
if they do good then they sign him as 5th