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Im sad for Valiance :(
yes admittedly
Im sad for Valiance :(
I'm not french I just like the flag colors xd
Im sad for Valiance :(
Brazilian calls anyone dumb?
nah it isnt exaggerated at all except bad things happening in the country tbh the only bad things happening are a bunch of racist rallies (unite the right, etc.) and the donald trump investigation wh...
Sk has a good chance at DHM
Guardian needs to be dropped
Faze vs Mouz
alright let's take online stats now. a week before IEM Katowice, astralis beat faze on both maps in EPL. they get to IEM katowice, get absolutely shit on. online stats don't matter at all.
FaZe vs EnVyUs
boltz wasn't signed he was loaned. they're two diff things. while xizt is contracted to faze as a sub, boltz is still contracted to immortals, and not to SK. it's similar to hobbit being loaned to ga...
FaZe vs EnVyUs
a stand-in who was signed completely to the organization/team
FaZe vs EnVyUs
he isnt on loan he was signed completely
why didn't faze lose 20% points for -olof
Cuz he didnt left?
S1mple is the new NiKo
when did i say that? his performance is good against tier 4 NA teams, but it's complete dogshit when he's playing against tier 1 teams
S1mple is the new NiKo
ok VP is still good since they won a major so is NiP from the 87-0 streak only none of those are true
why is flusha unverified on twitter
i don't think it works like that completely but i know you can submit a request on "why this user should be verified"
S1mple is the new NiKo
it was probably like that before TACO left, considering how dog shit he was playing XDDDDD cold top 1 OMEGALUL