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worst and best languages?
Brazilian portuguese is cool and really wide but its a pain to learn so i guess its shit French Italian and English are all nice to me
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
tarik is a world class player, sad that most people dont see that
Brazil is muslim
the more the merrier my friend, immigrants enpowers a country, unfortunately i never saw a muslim in rio yet but i hope to grab a beer and talk with one
Why I Respect Brazilian
+1 i love my people we're so funny and retarded i fucking love this shit
stfu u racist cunt, your country is pure garbage
Astralis vs Liquid
AVANGAR vs Astralis
stil bo3 in major man, the only tournament where people would want to see a bo5
Grayhound vs INTZ
im better than destiny no joke
Vitality vs INTZ
didnt mibr ( sk at the time ) 16-0 g2 or envy on train ? pretty sure that was a major, or maybe epicenter idk
Brazil blames NGO's for fires set in Amazon !
bolsonaro is fucking nuts, we need to take him out asap, dude is retarded and dumb as fuck
Coldzera made Device cry
u gotta be such a pussy to cry about that in a fucking club
no more friends
phases and phases my man, people grow up and starts to change and wanting different things, maybe u will become close again, maybe not but either way this shouldn't stop you from doing what YOU want b...
Explain why brazil monkeys
because we're distinguished from every other coutry club in the world, we aren't africans,europeans,americans or asians, hell we might not even be latinos since we have different colonial roots, one ...
G2 vs MIBR
fallen still one of the best awpers to have played this game and the best train player in the world. not even joking, this guy is on another level on train
about half a bottle of whisky,rum, vodka you name it, but my weakness gin, one quarter of it i start seeing shit lmao