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FaZe vs Vitality
Faze will still win this shit man
FaZe vs Vitality
Nikozera >>>>> Zypex, any day, anytime 2-0 for Faze with Zywoo getting ecofrags and getting 1.3 rating overall and still losing
I guess how many partners you had
nice try! but actually its 11
I guess how many partners you had
try me
Help me win over a girl
Dan is so nice that once, Keanu Reeves paid him a visit so they could both perform random acts of kindness to homeless people, like talking and supporting them in their miserable life and giving them ...
I live in Vancouver so...we expect snow only in January
What do other countries think about Turkey?
I will be honest, doesn't know much about Turkey, the only thing i know is that Cappadocia is very beautiful with its ballons and that Hagia Sofia at the time of construction was and still is a marvel...
coldzera 160cm
Average in Brazil for males is 1.73cm, but yeah height isnt least if u are not below 1.63 i would say
FURIA vs 100 Thieves
Lol this is so stupid, number 8 and 7 in world ranks in same in the other group there is only atk, complexity, envys and detona...which they are at best top 30
Brazil vs Portugal
Dude, Portugal is a very old country, and was formed through the traditional lord and vassal stuff, Brazil in the other hand was colonized through the slave system in its core, with the majority of th...
How NA CS is so good?
That was just from his perspective, but im sure he never asked 150 students if they play csgo or not, so this number can be much higher, like 1 million students plus 800k adults so this would match th...
TeamOne vs ex-Singularity
Will they play from Turkey or NA?
How NA CS is so good?
Man...US plus Canada have 367 million people...thats half the entire european population and here people per capita that plays game is highers than any other place in the world. There are 17 million c...
Best pornstar?
You forgot Yuna Hayashi