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Magisk wat
I don't get it....was it because he was moving that he curved the bullet?
Cloud9 vs Liquid
apparently they didnt really care about this tourney that much...
Cloud9 vs Liquid
o geeeez your right....i just went all in C9 for $400......I'm a little scared now
Torqued vs Vega Squadron
How can you tell which team gets to play on their map pick first?
Liquid vs Cloud9
Who gets to play on their map pick first? Is there any way to tell early on for future reference?
Cloud9 vs Heroic
???? It was a valid question!!
Cloud9 vs Heroic
What does round 26.5 mean? If the 26th round goes over a minute? .5??
Cloud9 vs Heroic
Just misclicked a big bet for c9....Hope they don't throw this online LAN? Wait which is it? They are playing online in the same house?
NiP vs Liquid
Noope, i know they left with a bad taste in their mouthes but, any idea where he's going? I also guess your right because he's moved to IGL now..
NiP vs Liquid
NiP is back! Anyone hear from friberg after his Optic fiasco? Is he coming back!?
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
How is Seized doing? is he a stand-in or is he actually taking the slot on the team?
FaZe vs Cloud9
holy shit skadoooodle is gawd right now. What an upset for FaZe on their best map. They really could have done this 2-0 but they stil got a great chance on inferno. Great major so far!
FaZe vs Cloud9
FaZe has a huge lineup advantage.. but it would be awesome to have C9 destroy this losing streak to them and at the major championship to boot! It would be just one hell of a story! Go go go C9!
Vega Squadron vs Renegades
What happened...?
Heroic vs mousesports
Wooo simple done with navi? Is he just a stand in? Hope so mouse needs oskar for sure..what's going on here?!