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how to find out who you really are?
I think that you are a very sexy guy
byali pubg player
I'm not sure they can just do nothing for the rest of their lives. When you earn a lot you get used to living on certain level. It's not easy to downgrade hard in a day.
SK Gaming
Had to be something behind this decision that we don't know. Maybe they just need some fresh blood to become hungry for success again and they realised it early.
144hz cable help
Sorry, I made a mistake. I've found in GTX 1080 TI specs that it supports DisplayPort 1.4 at least. look here, it says - 1.4 3x.
144hz cable help
sorry, I made it wrong. You need at least 1.4 DP bro.
faze threw
What? They would've played against VP no matter if HR win sth or not.
your knife skin
Butterfly Knife | Rust Coat for both sides
144hz cable help
DisplayPort 1-1.1a is able to output 144Hz at 1080p
Typo buddy, Sry.
Polish definitely. The foolest children in the jungle My bad buddy
What timezone do you use on hltv?
Fortnite > PUBG > CS > Minecraft
True, cry is free. During fortnite playing you get pissed and mad all the time, but yes - it’s definitely better and more contemporary and up to people’s expectations than CS which is the same for a...
what to do
just lay on your bed at least your body gonna relax a little bit
Why do you like FOOTBALL?
+1 I agree with that. Just simple things to enjoy even if you watch it alone. Grab beer and relax for a while.
Why do you like FOOTBALL?
The same story with playing CS. Why do you play a game where you do pretty much the same every freaking round and maybe once or twice you make a highlight? Boring.