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Top pros with D-Eagle?
Autimatic mai boy iconic 3k against g2 and sk
Best NA player?
2018 Raw skill: Twistzz > Stewie2k > Autimatic > Elige > NAF > Nahte Gamplay: Autimatic = NAF > Tarik = Elige > Nahte > Twistzz > Stewie2k = RUSH > Nitr0 > Everyone Else
Realistic C9 fix
I'm down for Rickeh
Ska & Tarik
Well said people don't see Ska's flashes for Tarik and Autimatic from half way across the map. If he went to a full rifle support role, then keep Ska pick up a star awper as a fifth would be amazing b...
as much as ska is not up to form gotta love his flashes who tf flashes mid from b site or a site from mid like what how does this guy do that
tarik is almost as good
C9 fix
Tarik IGL/Secondary Awp Nifty Primary Awp Autimatic Lurker RUSH Support Nahte Entry
C9 fix
cos no results and in the end they prefer Tarik's calling so he's back to IGL
I rate and fix teams
my bad
I rate and fix teams
if you could save 10 countries
When u say save 10, do you mean the country disappears with the land too and it becomes ocean? or just everyone disappears cos if land disappears i reckon keeping Russia would be good
What NiP needs to do
REZ has decent aim but his positioning is pretty average and even at his peak im sure given the right team he could be top 20 but top 10 is definitely a stretch.
What NiP needs to do
best argument thread 2018
cos Ska has been consistently top 5 in support rounds since 2014 except for one year and has been with the team for ages and can go off some games. None of the other 3 can support besides maybe rush s...
same as b4 better fragging power but less cohesion and the top fraggers before wont frag as hard