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Natus Vincere vs Cloud9
Bet on both defs profit
Cloud 9
I would bet on them beating Navi but in my mind i dunno why i cant see them beating Nip easily
Cloud 9
Would be cool to bring in refrezh and get tarik back. So nice to see c9 do comebacks instead of being combacked
Cloud 9
C9 made like 6/7 playoffs before major and were only stopped by Faze consistently. They went from like 15th or lower to 5th in the span of a few months and even won 2 tier 2 tournaments. How were they...
Cloud 9
RUSH can be a bot sometimes as Kio Auti are always consistently decent
Cloud 9
true but RUSH for that NA crowd yo and they're not that different in peaks
Cloud 9
i would say bring tarik back to IGL get refrezh and keep kio. Then it would be: Refrezh - Awper Autimatic - Lurker RUSH - Entry Tarik - IGL Kioshima - Support Would be NA and would be stronger tha...
Cloud 9
hope they do but they did lose to Navi Nip last tourno while beating Faze and MIBR aswell
Cold - Star/Second Entry Niko - Star/Entry Fallen - IGL/Awper Olofmeister - Support Fer - Lurker
Most Handsome Players
SKADADDY!!!!! Freakazoid jks autimatic fugly
FALLEN murdered C9
They looked better than SK/MIBR did with better placings and beat them several times. They weren't as good as pre major and definitely not as good as during the major but they gave up too easily espec...
Congratulations Cloud9
hahahaha failed against most t1? They consistently beat every other team including Navi, SK, mouse, Astralis, fnatic and only lost to Faze before their major. They top 4ed at 7/8 tournaments they had ...
Congratulations Cloud9
They weren't as good as their major form but they weren't crap either just the expectations were way high for them. C9 winning was them overperforming but definitely not a fluke. A fluke would be all ...
S1mple > Device
Nah bruh Navi will lose in finals and simple will get MVP