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Most stacked top 4 in a major?
Honestly, most stacked would be, Astralis Liquid Navi Faze MIBR is half a tier below these 4
cold leaving mibr
hes still top 5 na in his form rn but not like his peak around major time when he was solid top 1 NA
Autimatic would be the best choice if they went for another fragger, super stable player, can secondary awp, really good deagler and solid mechanical aim, also can mix well in a loose style or they c...
smooya #1 of faceit major
They are already 1-2 and they weren't handicapped so more like they need to be 95% to make it
Revamping C9
10 but still higher than ur 5?
potential top 20 as of right now
NAF defs top 10, elige probably top 20 but twistzz has yet to do that well at tourneys, he had 2 good ones rest hes been average, if liquid win major then twistzz top 20 for sure
Honestly, im glad c9 made it otherwise i reckon Auti and Ska would lose all motivation and Auti especially can be so good if he has that motivation
C9 Joke
c9 is having a huge changeup in style with Golden's more structured calling, less aggressive players meaning Ska and Auti have to be with the entry half the time which they're not so used to when Tari...
big reason is auti is a more passive player who excels on defending and catching opponents off guard but without stewie and tarik to start the push and styko and golden not being as good aim wise, aut...
autimatic is consistent carry, always top 2 in ratings for c9 ever since stewie left, other 4 can sometimes show up and carry a bo1 or bo3
I would say eunited are tier 3 seeing as they can beat liquid and mibr before in online
best NA player?
auti and NAF can play well in every match, overall i would give edge to auti as he has been consistently keeping his team afloat while NAF has superstars with him
Denver and IBP, one with TL, renegades, NRG and Optic other one had BIG, mousesports,Renegades, NRG so no top teams but tier 2 also semis at cologne, premier, new york. oakland tier 1s semis at montre...
So whos the fifth for c9???
its not STYKO he said on his twitter so at worst they replace one
two tier 2 events 6 top 4 placings and a major final??