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Top 20 sensitivity
I have 1200 DPI and 1 sens :D
did your dick grow after that?
I hate faceit lvl system... Currently I am MGE in MM. I played 5 games on faceit. All solo Q and I got hard carried every game. We won all of them and it promoted me every time even tho I was always b...
Grenades binds
I didnt know that so I guess that also answers your Minecraft player question.
Grenades binds
why would you presume that?
Grenades binds
I have "r_cleardecals" binded on "w" together with forward movement, so it basicly removes them every time I move forward bind "w" +forward; r_cleardecals I also saw somebody bind it to M1... +attack;...
Grenades binds
I use it as drop gun
perfect FRENCH lineup?
Did you just come up with 10 French players a assigned them randomly to 2 teams? It certainly seem like that is the case here...
XTQZZ - french come
apEX praised his work for the team after cs_summit win too. Didnt know who he was until he joined the team, but it seem like he is doing his work pretty good.
reason why g2 didnt pick zywoo
Chuckyyyy? Is that you?
Snakepex and NBKry
My reply to this topic will be short and simple... 0/8
KennyS retire
I just cant take somebody named "MIBR_TOP1_WORLD_2019" seriously... its impossible also 0/8
Fantasy suggestion
With the money system changes, we dont have as much ecos as we used to. It seems pointless right now.
Best beer from your country?
Dude it seems more like you are fakeflagging, but I dont blame you. Everybody would love to claim Pilsner Urquell as their beer, cuz its the best....
Best beer from your country?
Pilsner Urquell not only best from my country, but also best in the world...