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no way
Best warm-up before a game
well we try to do practise at least once a week and some scrims on another day as well. individual warmup/practise is only a small part of being succesfull but its important none the less and its the ...
Best warm-up before a game
when playing league matches with my team i try to do at least 300 kills in dm, 3k kills on aimbotz and like 100 sprays (50 ak, 50 m4) on recoilmaster. maybe a faceit or two before or some retakes too.
where are big fans
true but that doesnt take away from the diehard fanbase
CS:GO Bad Days
Either you grind dm/botz etc until it gets better or you stop playing for the day.
germans come here
Many germans are indeed toxic but I hope us normal people can still shine through :D
Moon landing.
Funding. Funding.
How many languages do you speak?
english and german still some bits of french but not really much
I guess which politic party you support:
germany yes left in favor
Most difficult retake to exec?
dust2 b, inferno b
Your favourite shoes
https://c.static-nike.com/a/images/t_PDP_1280_v1/f_auto/dgwwrsq3s5rdoprbykxr/revolution-4-running-shoe-kC1DX1.jpg super worn down like to years old. never really wore any other shoes for the last two ...
Broken game?
as i said, not a common angle so probably no one cared. i dont see it as a problem tbh
Your favorite historical figure
Caesar mostly because of videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XBxMk_plhA
Broken game?
well they probably didnt block them completly, merely decreased damage. ump doesnt have great penetration power so obviously its not gonna do much damage. besides, that is not really a common angle so...
Broken game?
just dont shoot the railing wtf?