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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzPzqdRsaK4 hahahahahhahaa okay. Also the crab walk by Fnatic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAdJnTQBUXQ Magisk is legit the only guy on the team with some BM someti...
In a time where they were almost the only professional team lol. The era is far more competitive now. They would never be able to do it now even if they play like they did then.
You've got absolutely no argument to support that claim.
They are probably the most respectful team in the world, always humble and polite. For that they get called boring. Now they show some feelings paying back the boos and now they lost your respect? :D ...
He shot 10 bullets or so at Fer after he killed him. Quite BM, but I find it fair since they've been booed from the start.
Bo5 > Bo3
Yeah cause bo5 would definitely solve the problems when Astralis have the deepest map pool :D
if device gets mvp
It will be Xyp9x. They were even rating before the map and after Train Xyp had a 1.52 rating which hasn't dropped much now since he's probably up there too this time.
Renegades chances to win against astralis in bo3
According to your logic C9 has 3 other maps they're shittier on that Train since they let it get to that map? Also who says Astralis will even let it get to Train? They can play all 7 maps, maybe the...
Renegades chances to win against astralis in bo3
I agree except Astralis just won 16-0 on Train yesterday :D
Slang is by its definition not proper :D You do whatever you want, you're gonna end up fixing roofs anyway, you're polish.
Write it properly, it'll get you further in life.
Why even write k instead of 0? You save absolutely no time and it looks so fucking stupid. If you want to save time just write "where have you been in 2013-2017".
NAF #6?
Sadly I think you're right, even though I think Dupreeh deserves higher than Electronic :) Simple over Device for sure tho' :) Also thinking about it, I think both Dupreeh and Elec should be higher ...
BLAST Format
It's not the best format indeed, but the entire idea is to bring something different to the scene. For spectators that likes to watch a lot of games, it's shit. But as their CEO said, for people who j...
GOAT = The most mechanically skilled player
I totally agree.